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    fORTNITE Ranks and Rating System Explained

    Fortnite Ranked Mode Explained In 2024 Gamerode

    The introduction of Fortnite’s ranked mode has left many people confused. However, this guide is here to help you excel on the leaderboards.

    Whether you’re starting from Bronze or aiming for the prestigious Unreal rank, we will provide you with all the necessary information about the different tiers, the point system, and effective strategies to quickly climb up the rankings.

    Additionally, we’ll share some expert tips to help you achieve your goals even faster.

    What is Fortnite Ranked?

    Fortnite’s Ranked mode brings a new level of competition to the popular Battle Royale mode. In this mode, players are assigned a rank, starting from Bronze and reaching up to Unreal, based on their performance in matches.

    When playing Fortnite, you will be matched against opponents who are in the same rank as you. This means that if you are a beginner, you will most likely face easier opponents. However, as you progress and increase your rank, the competition will become more challenging and intense.

    To maintain a level playing field, certain weapons or items may be excluded from Fortnite’s Ranked mode. However, these exclusions are subject to change with each new season’s loot pool. It is important to stay updated with the latest announcements to stay informed.

    Fortnite Ranked Modes

    In Fortnite, there are two main ranked modes called Battle Royale and Zero Build. These modes offer four different queues – Solo, Duo, Trio, and Squad. It’s important to note that the ranks for Build and Zero Build are distinct from each other.

    Battle Royale

    If you have a competitive nature and find excitement in outlasting opponents in a high-speed setting, then the Battle Royale ranked mode is tailor-made for you.

    Zero Build

    Fortnite Ranks is a game mode that focuses on evaluating players’ combat abilities and their ability to work together as a team. In this mode, players will be required to think quickly, devise strategies, and depend on their partner to progress up the rankings.

    Additionally, Chapter 5 introduces Rocket Racing, which also has its own ranking system. In this mode, points are awarded based on the placement in races, with the highest glory and points given to the winner.

    How does The Fortnite Ranked Points Scoring Work?

    The scoring system for Fortnite Ranks has been updated to be more efficient. Your points and position in matches, as well as the number of eliminations, are crucial factors in determining your ranking and advancing in the game.

    Placement is King

    In Fortnite, the points you earn increase depending on your placement in the game. The highest number of points is awarded for achieving a Victory Royale, followed by being in the Top 10, and so on. Engaging in fights early on can be risky, so it’s important to prioritize strategic survival in order to reach the endgame and earn

    Eliminations Matter

    In Fortnite, players can earn points by eliminating opponents, although the points earned for eliminations are lower compared to those received for achieving a good placement in the game. Engaging in early battles when the match is crowded can result in more points, but it is important to consider that dying early will cause players to lose out on valuable points

    Match Type Matters Too

    The point values vary depending on the type of match you play in Fortnite. Major tournaments offer the highest number of points, followed by Cash Cups and Hype Nights. Regularly ranked matches give out the lowest amount of points. If you want to rank up quickly, it’s important to perform well in matches that offer more points.

    Rewards to Unlock in Fornite Rans

    Fortnite’s Ranked mode offers an appealing feature in the form of numerous free cosmetics as rewards. These attractive rewards can be obtained by completing specific Urgent quests exclusive to Ranked mode.

    As you progress through the seasons, you will be rewarded with thematic cosmetics that match your rank, serving as a symbol of your accomplishments and the exciting journey you have undertaken.

    How to play ranked matches in Fortnite

    In order to participate in ranked matches in Fortnite, simply follow the instructions on the lobby screen to activate the Ranked option. Fortnite Ranks is available for all players, but if you’re logging in with a new Epic account that hasn’t played Fortnite before, you’ll need to complete a specific challenge called “Outlast 500 opponents” before you can access ranked matches.

    Fortnite offers ranked play in various modes such as Solo, Duos, Trios, and Squads, including both Battle Royale and Zero Build. In Solo mode, players are matched against opponents who have a similar rank.

    On the other hand, for Duos, Trios, and Squads, the party rank is determined by the highest-ranked member, and matchmaking is done against teams with similar party ranks. As the Ranked Season Zero continues, there will be ongoing adjustments to balance the gameplay. However, currently, the following changes have been implemented.

    • Material harvesting rates are increased slightly
    • Material inventories are capped at 500 instead of 999
    • Players drop 50 of each material when eliminated

    All ranks you can achieve in Fortnite

    Here are all of the ranks available in Fortnite Ranked mode:

    • Bronze
    • Silver
    • Gold
    • Platinum
    • Diamond
    • Elite
    • Champion
    • Unreal

    To progress to the next rank in Fortnite, which include Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond, players need to complete three levels within each rank. However, the ranks Elite, Champion, and Unreal are standalone and do not have multiple levels.

    Once Fortnite players achieve the Unreal rank, they will maintain their Unreal status throughout the entire season. Regardless of any circumstances, Unreal players will not be demoted to a lower rank. However, it is important to note that reaching Unreal does not signify the end of your journey in the game!

    Once you reach the Unreal rank in Fortnite, you will be assigned a specific number that represents your position compared to other players who have also achieved the Unreal rank. To improve your ranking and make progress on the Unreal leaderboard, it is important to perform exceptionally well in Ranked matches.

    Current Fortnite Ranked Distribution

    The Fortnite ranking system serves as a platform for players to showcase their gaming abilities. However, it is essential to determine your position in relation to other players. By referring to the existing distribution of ranks, you can gain insights into your ranking percentage and ascertain where you stand in comparison to other Fortnite players.

    The distribution of ranks in Fortnite’s Ranked mode is heavily skewed towards the higher ranks. The most popular rank is Elite, closely followed by Diamond and Platinum. On the other hand, the lower ranks like Bronze have a smaller player base. Currently, Unreal is the least populated rank, but it is expected to grow as the season progresses.

    What’s The Average Rank in Fortnite Ranked System?

    In Chapter 5 of Fortnite, the majority of players have achieved the Elite rank, which is considered the average rank. At this point, the points system for simply playing the game starts to decrease. This indicates that the game becomes more challenging for players at this stage. Consequently, reaching the Diamond rank or below may not be as impressive as it initially appears.

    How to check your Fortnite Ranks

    Do you want to find out your position in the Fortnite Ranking system? It’s actually quite simple to determine. Just switch your lobby to Ranked mode and you will immediately see your rank.

    However, if you haven’t played in Ranked mode before, this method won’t work. In that case, you will need to complete a placement match first. Once you have played a match in Fortnite Ranked Mode, you can then check your rank.

    How to rank up in Fortnite Ranked

    The starting point for your Ranked Play experience in Fortnite is determined by how well you performed in previous matches. Your rank will be assigned to you after playing just one match in either Ranked Battle Royale or Ranked Zero Build mode.

    After obtaining your Fortnite rank, you will have the ability to see your present rank and a progress bar on the left side of the screen in the Ranked Play Lobby. This progress bar visually represents how close or far you are from reaching the subsequent rank.

    The process of advancing in the ranked mode of Fortnite is determined by considering several key factors.

    • Your match placement
    • How many eliminations you/your team secured in the match (eliminations later in the match count more than eliminations earlier in the match)
    • The ranks of the players you/your team eliminated in the match

    In the ranked mode of Fortnite, your success or failure is tied to your team. Every member of the squad will experience the same gains and losses in progress, which depend on the overall performance of the team. It’s important to choose your squadmates wisely to ensure favorable outcomes.

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