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    Apex Legends Ranks and Rating System Explained

    Apex Legends Ranking System Explained 2024 Gamerode

    After its release, players of Apex Legends had been requesting EA and Respawn to include a ranked matchmaking feature. In 2019, their demands were met as Ranked Leagues were introduced, allowing the top Apex players to gain recognition.

    However, in the years that followed, numerous modifications were made to the current system. Nevertheless, it was season 20’s significant update, released in early 2024, that completely transformed the battle royale experience.

    Respawn opted to eliminate several existing features of the ranked system and introduced a new and more efficient mode for players to engage in as they strive to reach the prestigious Predator rank.

    After the season 20 update, let’s take a look at how the ranked mode in Apex Legends operates.

    Apex Legends Ranking System

    The ranking system in Apex Legends was implemented during the game’s second season. Although Apex mobile quickly adopted it, the complete game took a season to fully integrate it into competitive play.

    Nevertheless, it has now become a significant aspect of the game. Players in both Apex and Apex Mobile take pride in their ranks and enjoy comparing themselves to other players worldwide. However, it’s important to note that Apex ranks only affect Ranked play and not the standard public matches.

    The Apex Legends Ranks feature allows players to join a queue where they can compete against teams that are of a similar rank. This system divides the entire player base into different ranks, ensuring that you are matched with players who are at a similar skill level. The ranks are organized into seven tiers, each containing multiple divisions.

    All ranks in Apex Legends

    Here is a comprehensive list of all the ranks available in Apex Legends. Each rank is divided into four divisions, namely Silver Four, Silver Three, Silver Two, and Silver One. In order to participate in a ranked match, players need to pay a certain amount of RP (Rank Points), starting from 20 RP for Silver Four.

    The RP cost increases as you progress to higher ranks. If you are below the Silver Four rank, you will not be charged any RP to enter a ranked match.

    RankRP RequirementCost to Enter Ranked
    Bronze1,00010, 13, 16, 19
    Silver5,00022, 25, 28, 31
    Gold9,00034, 37, 40, 43
    Platinum13,00046, 49, 52, 55
    Diamond17,00058, 61, 64, 67
    Master21,00070 (plus five every 1,000 RP up to 250)
    PredatorTop 750 Masters70 (plus five every 1,000 RP up to 250)

    How Does The Apex Rank System Effect Matchmaking?

    The ranking system in Apex Legends plays a crucial role in matchmaking, determining the players you are paired with. Although you may not always be matched with players of the exact same rank, you will be grouped with individuals who are close in the Apex ranking system.

    When it comes to teams, the process becomes a bit more intricate. You have the ability to play alongside friends who are in different ranks, as long as there is a maximum difference of two tiers between you. However, a Platinum player cannot join a Bronze match along with their teammates. This rule ensures fairness, and it’s crucial to remember this important distinction.

    RP in Apex Legend Ranking System

    In Apex Legends, RP serves as the currency that determines your position in the game’s rankings. Your performance in matches will determine the number of RP you earn. By accumulating more RP, you will be able to progress to higher tiers. However, it is important to note that if your performance is not up to par, you may also be demoted to lower tiers.

    How to Get RP

    In Apex Legends, players are rewarded with RP (Ranked Points) for their performance in the game. However, earning RP is not simply based on winning alone. Points are also awarded for the player’s placement in matches, starting from being in the top 13 and reaching a maximum of 100 for being the match winner.

    Additionally, players can earn RP by obtaining kills and assists. However, the maximum number of RP that can be earned through kills and assists is limited to six. Therefore, in order to quickly accumulate RP, players will need to focus on achieving high placement points in addition to obtaining kills and assists.

    In Apex Legends, reaching the highest rank in the ranking system can be a challenging task. If you are skilled enough to secure a victory and achieve all six takedowns in a game, you will be rewarded with 250 RP (Ranking Points). However, it is important to note that this is the maximum cap for RP in Apex Legends ranks.

    RP Entry Fees

    When you reach the higher levels of the ranking system in Apex Legends, you will face a deduction of RP (Ranking Points) for every game you participate in. This implies that performing below the expected level in a game will result in a net loss of points.

    In these advanced tiers, it becomes crucial to earn a substantial amount of RP per match just to maintain your current ranking. The following breakdown illustrates how the RP deductions work:

    In Apex Legends, players may face the consequence of losing RP (Ranked Points) as a penalty. If a player decides to leave a game prematurely, even when their teammates have the chance to revive them, they will incur a penalty.

    The severity of this penalty will escalate with repeated instances of quitting matches. It is important to note that consistently rage quitting can result in accumulating significant penalties.

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