30 Best Minecraft Bedrock Mods (2024)



    Best Minecraft Bedrock Mods you should try!

    30 Best Minecraft Bedrock Mods (2024) Gamerode

    Gone are the days when Java edition had the upper hand in terms of customization compared to Bedrock. Now, thanks to the growing support from modders, Bedrock edition offers a wide range of customizable options for its fans. In this article, we will explore and review some of the top Minecraft Bedrock mods that can refresh and enhance your virtual world.

    While Minecraft’s Java Edition is well-known for its extensive collection of mods, it’s worth noting that the Bedrock version also offers its own range of modifications. In fact, there are even some mods that are compatible with both editions.

    These versatile tools have the ability to make various adjustments to the game, ranging from small tweaks to completely transforming its gameplay. Whether you’re looking to add new structures or experience the game from a different perspective by playing as a mob, here are some of the top Minecraft mods that you can try out specifically designed for Bedrock.

    Here’s 30 Best Minecraft Bedrock Mods you should try in 2024!

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    Best Minecraft Bedrock Mods

    Mythological Craft

    Introducing an exciting Minecraft Bedrock mod designed specifically for mythology enthusiasts. Mythological Craft is an extensive mod that introduces an array of mythical creatures and extraordinary structures for players to discover, conquer, and even befriend.

    This incredible mod showcases legendary beings such as Cyclops, Cerberus, and Medusa, offering an immersive mythology experience. Additionally, Mythological Craft presents a range of new items that enhance the overall gameplay and provide a complete mythological adventure.

    Total Carnage

    Are you in need of some excitement and adventure in your Minecraft Bedrock world? With this amazing mod, you can add more than 200 monsters, over 800 new items, and 500+ blocks to your game.

    Prepare yourself for an epic battle as Total Carnage introduces a wide range of monsters with different behaviors and abilities, ranging from basic mobs to powerful and destructive creatures. Although the mod is still being developed, some items may not have a purpose yet.

    Nevertheless, if you’re seeking a thrilling challenge, this Bedrock mod is definitely worth a try.


    Introducing one of the highly sought-after mods for Minecraft Bedrock – Pokedrock. This incredible mod is designed to satisfy your craving for Java’s Pixelmon. By incorporating Pokedrock into your game, you can immerse yourself in the thrilling Pokemon universe within the pixelated world of Minecraft.

    This mod is fully compatible with the latest version of Minecraft and offers an array of exciting features, including combat systems, the ability to ride mounts, and the chance to witness authentic Pokemon evolutions.

    Pokedrock already includes a wide range of generation 1 Pokemon, and the developers are constantly adding more with each update.

    Morphing Bracelet

    Incorporated into your Minecraft Bedrock world, this mod introduces a special bracelet with magical properties. This bracelet grants you the ability to transform into various mobs within the game.

    By simply defeating a mob while the Morphing Bracelet is in your possession, you can assume its form. The mod currently allows you to transform into a wide range of mobs, such as evokers, guardians, piglins, and others.

    It is important to note that not all abilities of each mob are currently accessible through this mod.

    ActualGun 3D

    Enhance your Minecraft Bedrock experience by incorporating the ActualGun 3D mod, which infuses a Modern Warfare feel into the game. This incredible mod introduces meticulously designed, animated guns of superior quality, revolutionizing your combat encounters.

    The mod boasts a collection of 9 well-balanced firearms, ranging from powerful shotguns to versatile assault rifles, ensuring you have the perfect weapon to suit your tactical requirements.

    More Simple Structures

    For Minecraft players who find their game world lacking in structures, the More Simple Structures mod is the perfect solution. This mod brings in numerous new generated structures that are spread across the game world.

    However, the mod doesn’t stop there. It also introduces new mobs, foods, items, blocks, and crafting recipes. From piglin-navigated blackstone ships in the Nether to flying castles in the Overworld, the amount of new content added by this mod is truly impressive and goes far beyond what its title suggests.

    Raiyon’s More Enchantments

    In Minecraft Bedrock, enchantments are not abundant. There is a limited selection, and some of them can be found on multiple items. Enchanting is a popular and enjoyable feature of the game, but some players feel that it is lacking in variety.

    This mod addresses that issue by introducing a wide range of new enchantments. For example, axes can now have the TreeCapitator enchantment, boots can be equipped with Slime Feet, chest plates can grant Health Boost, helmets can have Sculk Eyes, and many other enchantments are now accessible in the game.

    Pixelmon Bedrock

    Minecraft Bedrock Mods, like the Pixelmon mod, have gained immense popularity for merging the Minecraft and Pokemon franchises. This particular mod stands out as one of the finest and most favored choices for Bedrock users.

    By introducing Pokemon battles, trading, and numerous other features, it revolutionizes the gameplay. This unique amalgamation of two exceptional gaming experiences offers Bedrock users the opportunity to truly “catch ’em all.”


    The Origins mod is a highly popular and captivating extension for both Minecraft Bedrock and Java Editions. Many players have always been curious about the experience of playing as different mobs, and Origins provides them with this opportunity.

    Whether you want to be a Phantom, an Allay, a fox, or an Elder Guardian, this mod offers a wide range of entities to play as. Previously only available for Minecraft Java, the Origins mod now has a version specifically designed for Bedrock Edition.

    Held Light Sources

    Have you ever wished that torches in Minecraft Bedrock Edition would actually emit light when held? It’s strange that they have light but don’t produce any when in hand. Unfortunately, Mojang hasn’t addressed this issue yet.

    However, there’s a solution in the form of the Held Light Sources mod for Minecraft Bedrock Edition. With this mod, torches and other light-emitting items can now glow when held in hand, making them much more practical and functional.

    Red’s More Structures

    Minecraft players often express their dissatisfaction with the game’s limited structures, despite the existing ones being impressive. However, there’s a solution in the form of this incredible Bedrock mod.

    This fantastic extension enhances the game by introducing a wide variety of structures, ensuring that players always have something captivating to observe and admire. Even Java players might experience a twinge of envy, as this mod brings forth an array of exciting additions such as towers, pyramids, and much more.

    True Backpack Mod

    With the Minecraft Bedrock Mods known as True Backpack, players can create their own functional backpacks and even upgrade them. These backpacks serve as portable chests and can be placed on the ground or carried on the player’s back.

    An interesting feature is that certain items, like a bucket, can be stored in the backpack and will appear as if they are attached to it, adding a realistic element to the game.

    Socketed Armor Addon

    The Minecraft Bedrock Mods known as the Socketed Armor addon introduces exciting enhancements to armor. With this addon, players can now insert gems into their armor, granting various beneficial effects.

    These effects include increased protection, damage output, or movement speed, allowing players to personalize their armor to suit their unique requirements.

    World Animals Addon

    The Minecraft Bedrock Mods called World Animals addon offers a wide range of wild animals that will bring more diversity to your gameplay. This mod introduces a vast variety of animals in different biomes, ensuring you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

    If you have a deep appreciation for animals, this mod will be a perfect fit for you. It adds numerous creatures such as elephants, giraffes, penguins, ostriches, zebras, rhinos, and many more. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to tame, saddle, and even equip armor on many of these animals.

    Zalcyan’s Quest Mod

    The Zalcyan’s Quest mod offers an exciting experience by transporting players into the captivating world of a futuristic alien civilization.

    By incorporating this mod into your Minecraft Bedrock game, you can explore a multitude of diverse biomes, encounter extraordinary extraterrestrial creatures, discover unique materials, construct innovative buildings, and wield advanced technological weaponry.

    Faithful HD Addon

    The Faithful HD Addon is a texture pack designed for Minecraft players who desire more intricate details in the game. By enhancing the resolution, this texture pack significantly improves the appearance of blocks and other textures, making them appear more realistic.

    This mod is particularly appealing to avid builders, as it enhances the overall visual quality and sharpness of structures.

    Amplified Bedrock Mod

    The Amplified Bedrock mod enhances the realism of the Minecraft Bedrock environment without introducing new textures or objects. By utilizing this mod, there will be slight alterations to the world generation, resulting in villages, mountains, and plains that closely resemble their real-world counterparts.

    Expansive Biomes Addon

    The addition of the Expansive Biomes addon to Minecraft Bedrock Mods will greatly enhance your world exploration by introducing 34 exciting new biomes. Within these biomes, players will discover a plethora of new structures, non-player characters (NPCs), resources, ores, and many other captivating elements.

    Modern Furniture

    If you have a passion for creating stunning homes in Minecraft, you should definitely consider adding the Modern Furniture mod to your repertoire. This remarkable Bedrock mod offers an impressive selection of over 40 vibrant and contemporary furniture pieces to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your virtual abode.

    Whether you’re in need of elegant glass tables or stylish bookshelves, this mod has got you covered with a wide range of options to suit your personal taste and style.

    Double Tool Durability

    Are you frustrated with the constant need to replace your tools in Minecraft Bedrock? Look no further than the Double Tool Durability mod. This incredible mod doubles the lifespan of your tools, making them last twice as long as before.

    What’s even better is that it works with the Unbreaking enchantment as well, ensuring that your tools stay durable for extended periods.

    More Tools

    Are you tired of the limited options provided by the default tools in regular Minecraft? If so, you should definitely take a look at the More Tools mod for Minecraft Bedrock. Compatible with version 1.20, this mod introduces over 40 different armor types, more than 20 decorative blocks, and an impressive arsenal of over 900 new tools to enhance your gameplay.

    Push your survival abilities to the limit and personalize your Overworld experience with these exciting additions.

    More Food

    Do you have a surplus of ingredients in Minecraft Bedrock but don’t know how to utilize them? With the Minecraft Bedrock Mods, you can now expand your culinary options by cooking a variety of delicious dishes using the game’s original resources.

    The More Food mod introduces new food choices such as fried eggs, burgers, ice cream, and much more, allowing players to enjoy a wider range of meals.

    Vein Miner

    Have you ever found yourself wanting a quicker method for cutting down trees or mining ores in Minecraft Bedrock? Look no further than Vein Miner, a remarkable mod that revolutionizes resource collection.

    With just one swing, you can effortlessly bring down an entire tree and gather all of its wood. Similarly, mining a single ore block will cause an entire vein to collapse. This mod is a fantastic solution for those seeking a more efficient way to collect resources and construct their fortresses at a faster pace.

    Better Villager Trades

    Introducing a new mod called Better Villager Trades, which is designed to enhance your gameplay experience in Minecraft Bedrock. This mod completely transforms the trading system in the game, offering a variety of benefits.

    With Better Villager Trades, every trade you make will be unique and diverse. You can expect to find trades that are more affordable, allowing you to obtain valuable items at a lower cost. On the other hand, some trades will provide you with an increased number of emeralds, enabling you to accumulate wealth more quickly.

    Go-Kart Add On

    Experience the thrill of Mario Kart in Minecraft Bedrock with the Go-Kart add-on. With this mod, you can choose from 16 unique Go-Karts to race around various terrains and biomes. Create custom tracks and challenge your friends to exhilarating races.

    The Go-Kart add-on enhances the driving experience with realistic sounds and animations. Get ready for fast-paced fun in Minecraft Bedrock with these exciting Go-Karts.

    Vanilla RTX

    Minecraft Bedrock Mods such as Vanilla RTX are highly regarded for their exceptional physically based rendering features. With this mod, players can enhance their gameplay experience by incorporating ray tracing technology, which is made possible through intricate PBR maps.

    Additionally, the mod offers fog configurations that contribute to a more realistic replication of the Minecraft world. What sets this Bedrock mod apart is its ability to provide ray-tracing capabilities without altering the original vanilla experience.

    Butchery Mod

    If you’re interested in experiencing the life of a butcher in Minecraft, the Butchery mod is ideal for you. This mod introduces new items and tools that allow you to simulate the process of slaughtering animals just like on real farms.

    After the slaughter, you can obtain various resources from the animal’s carcass, such as bones, meat, skin, and even organs. It’s a great addition for those looking to enhance their Minecraft Bedrock.


    While Minecraft’s original light source blocks function adequately in their default state, they only emit light once they are placed. Thankfully, with the assistance of a mod such as Realight, players can transform their light-producing blocks into dynamic sources of light.

    This means that as long as the block is being held, players can enjoy the benefits of light production. In addition to the conventional light source blocks, Realight introduces the ability to generate light with items like sea pickles, crying obsidian, blaze rods, blue ice, lava buckets, and various other options.

    Smelting Plus

    Introducing a top-notch Minecraft Bedrock mod that enhances the utilization of your resources. Smelting Plus is an excellent add-on that revolutionizes the recycling process during item smelting.

    Unlike the traditional outcome of iron nuggets or gold, this mod elevates the rewards to gold ingots, iron ingots, netherite ingots, or diamonds. Furnaces and blast furnaces seamlessly integrate with this mod for an enhanced gaming experience.

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