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    Best Vehicles to buy in GTA 5

    30 Best Vehicles In Gta 5 & Online Gamerode

    30 Best Vehicles In Gta 5 & Online Gamerode

    If you’re looking for the top-notch vehicles in GTA 5 Online, you’ll need to invest in the best cars and vehicles available. These vehicles are crucial for navigating around Los Santos and completing various missions, such as Heists and business deals.

    GTA Online offers a wide range of options, including cars, planes, helicopters, and boats. However, we have compiled a list of the essential vehicles that you absolutely must own. These vehicles have been chosen based on their speed, aesthetics, and usefulness in various aspects of the game.

    Here are 30 Best Vehicles in GTA 5 Online for 2024.

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    GTA Online: How to buy Cars and Vehicles

    If you’re unsure about purchasing cars and vehicles in GTA Online, don’t worry, it’s actually quite easy. All you have to do is press the up button on the d-pad to access your smartphone’s menu, then choose the Internet option. Within the Internet menu, you’ll find 8 different dealers where you can browse and buy various cars and vehicles.

    • Arena War
    • Benny’s Original Motorworks
    • Dock Tease
    • Elita’s Travel
    • Legendary Motorsport
    • Pedal and Metal Cycles
    • Southern San Andreas Super Autos
    • Warstock Cache & Carry

    Choose one of the mentioned websites and explore the range of vehicles they offer. You have the option to arrange them by price and even narrow down your search by type on certain pages. Occasionally, you may come across vehicles with discounted Trade Prices.

    Don’t forget that in GTA Online, you have the option to customize and enhance various vehicles by visiting Los Santos Customs, the LS Car Meet, or an Auto Shop. Feel free to try out different styles and features to make your vehicle reflect your own unique personality.

    Best Vehicles in GTA for 2024

    1. Kosatka

    The Kosatka stands out as one of the top-notch watercraft in GTA Online. This remarkable submarine can be effortlessly summoned and dismissed from the interaction menu, showcasing its impressive capabilities. Notably, it offers the convenience of fast travel across the map at an incredibly affordable price of only $2,000.

    The Kosatka in GTA Online is a much more affordable option compared to the expensive $25,000 yacht fast travel. It is not only the necessary vehicle for initiating and finishing the Cayo Perico heist, but it also offers the opportunity for solo players to earn a substantial amount of money, which can be used for purchasing other vehicles in the future.

    Additionally, the Kosatka is equipped with remote-controlled rockets, adding an extra element of excitement to the gameplay.

    2. Oppressor Mk II

    For GTA Online players seeking a highly adaptable vehicle, the Oppressor Mk II is considered the top choice. This flying motorcycle may require some practice to master its maneuverability, but once familiarized, it offers excellent handling and allows players to swiftly evade enemy pursuers.

    The Oppressor Mk II is a top-notch vehicle in GTA Online that not only hovers over the ground but can also fly over water.

    By acquiring the Terrorbyte, players have the opportunity to enhance the Oppressor’s capabilities by adding rockets with exceptional tracking abilities, ensuring they almost always hit their targets.

    Moreover, obtaining the trade price for this remarkable vehicle is a breeze, as it only requires completing five client missions to unlock.

    3. Mobile Operations Center

    When it comes to the best vehicles in GTA Online, the Mobile Operations Center (MOC) often gets overlooked by players. While its driving capabilities may not be the main focus, there are many other noteworthy qualities that make it a valuable asset.

    Apart from its ability to initiate missions, enhance weapons, and customize vehicles, the MOC offers even more features that most players are unaware of.

    In GTA Online, players can detach the front cab of a vehicle and utilize it for mission completion. This cab offers impressive speed and provides a decent level of protection against external threats.

    Remarkably, it can withstand an impressive number of fifteen to twenty rocket hits before being destroyed, making it the most durable vehicle in the game.

    4. Benefactor Terrorbyte

    When it comes to functionality, the Terrorbyte stands out as one of the most advantageous vehicles in GTA Online. It serves as a central hub for all types of businesses, allowing players to conveniently initiate and complete business missions from anywhere in Los Santos. This means that players can efficiently earn money by swiftly engaging in and finishing various business tasks.

    Furthermore, the Terrorbyte offers numerous advantageous functionalities that can assist players in GTA Online. It includes a Turret Station, a Drone Station, and a Weapon Workshop, all of which can be highly beneficial.

    Nevertheless, the most noteworthy feature of the Terrorbyte is its Specialized Workshop, which is exclusively designed for the Oppressor Mk II. This means that players must obtain the Terrorbyte in order to purchase the powerful Oppressor Mk II. However, regardless of this requirement, the Terrorbyte proves to be an extremely valuable vehicle that can greatly assist any player.

    5. Western Company Cargobob

    The Cargobob helicopter may not initially seem like a highly sought-after vehicle, but it can actually be a valuable asset for players looking to earn money in GTA Online. Many players enjoy engaging in vehicle warehouse work, where they have to collect vehicles from various locations throughout the city and transport them back to the warehouse.

    However, any damage incurred during the delivery process reduces the value of the vehicle. By utilizing the Cargobob, players can avoid potential damage by lifting the vehicles and flying them to their destination. Additionally, the Cargobob can also be used to play pranks on other players by stealing their cars.

    6. Ocelot Stromberg

    The Stromberg may appear unconventional and not very practical at first, but it is actually considered one of the top vehicles in GTA Online. This is mainly due to its exceptional missile capabilities, which are among the finest in the game.

    The Stromberg’s missiles possess a remarkable ability to actively track and successfully strike their targets, making them highly effective even against elusive opponents.

    When dealing with troublesome players using the Oppressor Mk II in a GTA Online lobby, the Stromberg is often preferred by many. This vehicle stands out as one of the best options to counter the Oppressor Mk II due to its ability to engage and neutralize it effectively.

    Additionally, the Stromberg is equipped with underwater capabilities, although this feature is primarily utilized in specific missions such as the Kosatka prep mission.

    7. Pegassi Toreador

    The Toreador is one of the top vehicles in GTA Online that offers both underwater and land capabilities, much like the Stromberg. It can seamlessly transition between driving through water in submarine mode and cruising on city streets with its wheels.

    What sets the Toreador apart is its boosters, which provide a significant speed boost similar to the Vigilante or Rocket Voltic, making it an excellent choice for evading pursuers. Additionally, the Toreador has impressive durability, able to withstand six homing rockets or two RPGs before exploding.

    8. Buckingham Akula

    The Akula is a top-notch helicopter in GTA Online known for its exceptional stealth capabilities and high level of danger. Its greatest advantage lies in its ability to remain hidden and difficult to track. When activated, the Akula enters stealth mode, becoming invisible to radar and other tracking systems.

    This allows the helicopter to fly undisturbed, as it can only be spotted visually. Additionally, the Akula is comparable to other helicopters in terms of performance, making it an all-around excellent choice for players.

    The Akula in GTA Online is known for its excellent stealth abilities, allowing players to easily complete missions and explore Los Santos without being detected.

    When the Akula is in stealth mode, it becomes extremely difficult for others to find and attack, making it a top choice for seamless travel. If you’re looking for a vehicle that offers effortless traversal, the Akula is definitely worth the investment.

    9. Grotti Vigilante

    The Vigilante is considered one of the fastest cars in GTA 5 because of its impressive performance and high speed capabilities. However, it is not eligible for standard races. It has been tested to have a top speed of 147.00 mph (236.57 km/h), making it a powerful vehicle.

    The Vigilante is also equipped with weapons, including the sought-after Rocket Boost. You can buy this vehicle from Warstock Cache & Carry and easily store it in your Properties/Garages as a Personal Vehicle.

    10. Declasse Scramjet

    Ranked second on the list of the most impressive cars in GTA 5, the Scramjet stands out for its exceptional features, even though it is not allowed in regular races. With a proven top speed of 137.00 mph (220.48 km/h), this vehicle offers a perfect combination of speed and firepower, thanks to its built-in Rocket Boost.

    Available for purchase from Warstock Cache & Carry, the Scramjet can be added to your collection and safely stored in any of your Properties or Garages as a Personal Vehicle.

    11. Imponte Deluxo

    One of the best vehicles in GTA Online is the Deluxo, which is easily identifiable as the flying DeLorean from the iconic movie, Back To The Future. Rockstar introduced this vehicle in the Doomsday Heist update, and it quickly became a favorite among fans.

    Although GTA Online has numerous cars with impressive speed, none of them can match the Deluxo’s unique ability to fly.

    The Deluxo is one of the top vehicles in GTA Online, known for its impressive missile capabilities and a built-in tracker to keep track of the remaining missiles. What sets this vehicle apart is its unique hover ability, allowing players to effortlessly navigate through any terrain, including water.

    With the Deluxo, completing missions becomes a hassle-free experience as it eliminates the need to worry about roads or enemies.

    12. Sea Sparrow

    The Sea Sparrow is considered one of the top vehicles in GTA Online. It is an upgraded version of the Sparrow, which was already capable but less versatile. The Sea Sparrow outperforms its predecessor in almost every aspect, making it the obvious choice for players.

    Additionally, its excellent maneuverability in water provides players with unique opportunities that other aircraft cannot offer.

    When you make modifications to the Sea Sparrow in GTA Online, it significantly enhances its movement and offensive capabilities. This means that you can travel quickly and have sufficient defenses in case you encounter any violent situations.

    The Sea Sparrow is particularly well-suited for missions that involve water, making it a must-have vehicle for every player. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to purchase this invaluable aquatic aircraft.

    13. HVY Insurgent Pick-Up Custom

    The Insurgent Pick-Up Custom is an incredibly powerful vehicle that offers moderate armor. While it may not be the most complex in design, it is a versatile and reliable offensive option.

    This vehicle is particularly suitable for newer players who are looking to prepare for heists, take on missions that require extra protection, or simply explore Los Santos with an added layer of security.

    The Insurgent Pick-Up Custom is a highly customizable vehicle in GTA Online that offers a wide range of improvements for players to enjoy. These modifications not only enhance its performance but also ensure its usefulness to any player, regardless of their level.

    With its complete set of upgrades, the Insurgent Pick-Up Custom provides excellent mobility, powerful weaponry, and outstanding protection. It is undoubtedly a top choice for all players and definitely worth considering if you haven’t already purchased it.

    14. Bravado Buffalo STX

    In GTA Online, the Buffalo STX stands out from other muscle cars due to its extensive range of advanced modifications. While it may seem relatively straightforward, this vehicle is still quite powerful.

    It is an excellent choice for fans of muscle-class vehicles who enjoy cruising the streets of Los Santos or engaging in daring maneuvers during missions. However, when equipped with Imani Tech upgrades, the Buffalo STX becomes even more formidable and efficient.

    Imani Tech has made significant modifications to the Buffalo STX, greatly improving its performance and making it a top choice for players in GTA Online. With these enhancements, the vehicle becomes more powerful, agile, and unpredictable, making it highly effective for missions.

    When fully upgraded, the Buffalo STX surpasses other muscle cars in terms of speed, handling, and overall capability. It is definitely a valuable addition to any player’s vehicle collection.

    15. Pegassi Tezeract

    The Tezeract is one of the top-performing Supers in GTA Online, known for its remarkable speed and outstanding features. Despite its slow initial acceleration, the Tezeract’s sleek and lightweight design enables it to effortlessly surpass other vehicles. With the right upgrades, this vehicle’s capabilities can be significantly enhanced.

    The Tezeract is one of the top vehicles in GTA Online when it is fully upgraded. It excels in racing and is surprisingly sturdy. Despite its fragile appearance, it has excellent handling and is less likely to overturn.

    The Tezeract can easily crash through even the largest vehicles without losing its speed. This is particularly advantageous in races with narrow tracks and competitive opponents.

    16. Mammoth Patriot Mil-Spec

    The Patriot Mil-Spec stands out as one of the top vehicles in GTA Online, offering superior performance compared to other off-roading options. This remarkable vehicle excels at conquering challenging terrains such as hills and mountains effortlessly.

    Its off-roading capabilities make it an ideal choice for escaping tricky situations or taking unconventional paths. But that’s not all – the Patriot Mil-Spec has even more impressive features to offer.

    The Patriot Mil-Spec in GTA Online is equipped with various weapons, armor, and Imani Tech upgrades that were introduced in the Contract update. These upgrades enhance the vehicle’s abilities and are particularly useful considering the aggressive nature of other players in the game.

    Using Imani Tech, players have the option to equip the Patriot Mil-Spec with powerful enhancements like a Remote Control Unit or a Missile Lock-on Jammer. Due to its overall capabilities, this vehicle is considered one of the top choices in its class.

    17. Pegassi Weaponized Ignus

    The Pegassi Weaponized Ignus is an enhanced and more dangerous model of the Pegassi Ignus in GTA Online. It builds upon the stylish design of the original Ignus, incorporating elements such as pronounced curves, vents, and sharp edges, reminiscent of Lamborghini cars.

    The upgraded version features additional carbon fiber and LED components, as well as a visually striking roof-mounted turret that adds a touch of elegance to the vehicle.

    When compared to its original sporty version, the Weaponized Ignus offers a more streamlined and elegant experience. Those who are looking to enhance their gameplay in Grand Theft Auto Online may find the Weaponized Ignus to be reminiscent of a James Bond car.

    This is particularly evident when players are faced with the task of shooting accurately with their Minigun while also dealing with the car’s relatively low defensive capabilities.

    18. Nagasaki Shotaro

    The Nagasaki Shotaro is a motorcycle in GTA Online that has a futuristic design inspired by the Lotus C-01 concept car and the Light Cycles from the movie Tron: Legacy. It features a sleek and low-profile body kit with wheels of the same size, giving it a unique and futuristic appearance.

    Among the motorcycles available in GTA Online, the Nagasaki Shotaro stands out as one of the most futuristic-looking options.

    The Shotaro is not just visually appealing with its futuristic design, but it also delivers impressive performance that puts it in competition with other top sporting motorcycles in GTA Online. In races, it can give the popular Hakuchou Drag a run for its money thanks to its high acceleration and top speeds.

    The Shotaro’s excellent handling allows it to navigate through courses effortlessly, making it perfect for tackling tight corners and challenging tracks.

    19. TM-02 Khanjali

    For players looking to dominate in Grand Theft Auto gameplay, it’s advisable to consider powerful combat vehicles rather than typical sports cars.

    Why settle for a car when you can choose the TM-02 Khanjali, a formidable tank that surpasses most other combat-ready vehicles? This remarkable vehicle, introduced in The Doomsday Heist update, shares a striking resemblance to the PL-01 Polish light tank and boasts a stealthy design.

    The polygon-inspired appearance of this combat vehicle adds a stylish touch to its overall design. However, when it comes to racing, it falls short due to its limited off-road capabilities and lack of speed.

    In terms of combat, a modified Khanjali offers both agility and durability, surpassing the widely favored Rhino Tank. Additionally, its ability to accommodate multiple passengers allows for a wider range of weapon options, making it an incredibly powerful vehicle in various combat situations.

    20. Buckingham Luxor Deluxe

    When it comes to portraying a criminal mastermind, owning a private jet is the ultimate statement, and the Buckingham Luxor Deluxe is the epitome of luxury in the sky. This aircraft is a lavish version of the Luxor, inspired by the Cessna design, but with a stunning gold-plated exterior.

    Inside, the Luxor Deluxe features an exquisitely designed and detailed interior, complete with fashionable seats. The inclusion of drinking cups, an ashtray adorned with cigarettes, and even a bottle of champagne emphasizes that this plane is not just for travel, but also serves as a sophisticated setting for important meetings.

    When it comes to performance, the Luxor Deluxe has improved braking abilities but lacks in terms of acceleration and handling. Because it is designed as a passenger aircraft, the Luxor Deluxe is not very maneuverable, especially for beginner players.

    While it is visually appealing and great for leisurely cruising and roleplaying with friends, it may not be the best choice for action-packed activities in the game.

    21. BF Ramp Buggy

    The GTA Online community highly regards the Ramp Buggy as one of the best vehicles available. Although some players may be hesitant to purchase it, they often get a glimpse of its incredible power during a mission.

    The Ramp Buggy, despite lacking any weapons, is impressively fast and deadly. It can easily overpower and throw aside any vehicle it encounters. As a result, it has gained immense popularity among fans of GTA Online.

    When it comes to vehicles in GTA Online, the Ramp Buggy stands out as one of the top choices. Even though there are other vehicles like the Phantom Wedge and Arena War vehicles that can ram, they simply can’t compete with the Ramp Buggy.

    Despite its lack of a heavy and powerful frame, this vehicle has the ability to leave any other four-wheeled vehicle in its dust.

    22. Grotti X80 Proto

    When you first see the Grotti X80 Proto in GTA Online, it looks like a futuristic concept car that you would only see at auto shows, not on the streets. The game even jokes about this in its description, saying that the X80 Proto was created by letting an 8-year-old handle the research and development.

    But despite the humor, the X80 Proto is actually inspired by the Ferrari F80 and is the first concept hypercar to be featured in the game.

    Introduced in the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony update, the X80 Proto stands out with its distinctive and sleek design. It features a sharp central “point,” exposed sections of the chassis through its fenders and intakes, and a minimalistic rear.

    Not only does it have an eye-catching appearance, but it is also considered one of the top-performing vehicles in GTA Online. While it may not have the fastest acceleration compared to the Krieger and Emerus, its defensive capabilities are somewhat compromised due to its open sections.

    23. Mammoth Thruster

    When it comes to personal transportation in Grand Theft Auto Online, there’s no need to settle for just any vehicle. The game takes things to the next level with the Mammoth Thruster, which can be best described as a jetpack.

    This incredible vehicle was introduced during The Doomsday Heist and features a comfortable seat with leg and footrests, as well as joystick steering controls located on both armrests.

    The seat is securely placed on a capsule-shaped body, equipped with important components like seat belts and what appears to be the main engine. On either side of the capsule, there are nozzles that emit a powerful roar when the jetpack is in operation.

    The Mammoth Thruster may not have the most impressive look, but it is a powerful vehicle for combat in GTA Online. Players have the option to equip dual weapons on this vehicle, choosing between missile launchers and miniguns.

    24. Imponte Ruiner 2000

    The Imponte Ruiner 2000 stands apart from other muscle cars with its sleek and eye-catching design. With a bold black body and red missile tips that replace its headlights, the Ruiner 2000 exudes an imposing presence. This vehicle takes inspiration from the famous Pontiac Trans Am (KITT) from Knight Rider, further adding to its appeal.

    Within the world of GTA Online, the Ruiner 2000 is a contemporary version of the original Ruiner, featuring a more prominent front end and headlights that pop up. Just like its predecessor, the Ruiner 2000 can be equipped with different weapons, including machine guns and homing missiles attached to the front bumper.

    Although its performance is comparable to a typical muscle car, the Ruiner 2000 stands out for its unique features: a parachute that can be deployed to ensure safer landings and a power hop that allows it to leap a distance of 4-5 meters.

    25. RO-86 Alkonost

    When it comes to vehicles in GTA Online, one of the best options is the RO-80 Alkonost. While crime lords in popular media often opt for private jets, this strategic bomber proves to be a sleek and efficient choice.

    Introduced in the Cayo Perico Heist update, the RO-80 Alkonost takes inspiration from the Rockwell B-1 Lancer and the Tupolev Tu-160, featuring angular wings, a cruciform tail, and a spacious interior. With its unique design and ample space, the RO-80 Alkonost stands out as one of the top vehicles in the game.

    26. Declasse Scramjet

    For fans of Speed Racer and futuristic car designs, the Declasse Scramjet is a must-have addition to their GTA Online vehicle collection. This high-priced car was introduced in the After Hours update and is considered one of the most visually impressive vehicles in the game.

    Resembling Speed Racer’s iconic Mach Five and drawing inspiration from 50s and 60s concept cars, the Scramjet offers a unique and eye-catching design.

    27. Ocelot Pariah

    For gamers looking to add a touch of authenticity to their Grand Theft Auto Online experience, the Ocelot Pariah is a fantastic choice. This vehicle draws inspiration from the Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato and the Ferrari Portofino, resulting in a sleek and stylish sports car.

    Its minimalist design makes it a great option for those seeking their first sports car, as it allows them to seamlessly blend into the virtual world.

    28. Phantom Custom

    If you’re searching for the top-notch vehicles in GTA Online, then you’re in luck because the Phantom Custom is here. This exceptional vehicle is incredibly durable, withstanding more than 59 explosive rounds and requiring a whopping 69 homing missiles and 24 RPGs to make a dent in its armor.

    Even tank cannons struggle to take it down, needing 10 shots to defeat the JoBuilt Phantom Custom. It even survives 6 Dual 20mm Flak shots. So, if you’re looking for the best vehicles in GTA Online, don’t miss out on the Phantom Custom.

    In terms of performance, the vehicle in question is more like a powerful tank rather than just a regular truck. It effortlessly moves through traffic, maintaining its speed and dominance.

    If you choose to have a Phantom without armor, it is recommended to invest in high-quality armor upgrades to ensure its survival. It’s important to note that the impressive resistance to weapons applies to a fully armored Phantom Custom that has an Armor Upgrade of 100%.

    29. Karin Kuruma

    The Karin Kuruma (Armored) is not only incredibly fast, but it also offers exceptional bulletproof protection, making it a highly desirable vehicle for Missions and Heists in GTA Online.

    Although it can be destroyed by rockets and explosives, standard firearms are almost ineffective against it, providing an advantage and allowing players to survive intense enemy attacks.

    30. Nightshark

    If you’re tired of constantly being attacked by aggressive players in Los Santos, the Nightshark is the perfect solution. It is undoubtedly one of the top armored vehicles in GTA Online, capable of withstanding multiple rocket hits before being destroyed.

    When you’re looking to accomplish tasks in the game, this off-road vehicle can be an invaluable companion.

    31. BF Weevil Custom

    In order to obtain the Weevil Custom in GTA Online, players need to buy the regular Weevil vehicle for $870,000 and then convert it into the custom variant at Benny’s Original Motor Works for an additional $980,000. So, the total cost of acquiring this car is $1,850,000.

    Additionally, players will need to spend a few hundred thousand dollars to fully upgrade the car. By doing so, they will be able to reach a top speed of 221.28 KMPH, which is reflected in its speed stat of 85.77.

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