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    Best Sports Games on Roblox you can play with your friends!

    15 Best Sports Games On Roblox (2024) Gamerode

    Roblox Sports Games

    Roblox boasts a large community of users and developers from all over the world. Thanks to its flexible platform, creators are able to design a diverse array of games spanning different genres. Each game on Roblox stands out for its exceptional quality and enjoys popularity among the general public.

    Sports games have always been a major part of the esports industry, and the immense success of Pro Evolution Soccer and FIFA is evident from their impressive sales numbers. The demand for virtual sports games is skyrocketing across all gaming platforms, including PCs, consoles, and mobile devices, making it a rapidly growing and promising segment.

    Sports games are highly favored by both gamers and sports enthusiasts, making it one of the most popular genres in the world of video games. Due to the constantly evolving nature of sports teams and leagues, game companies are under pressure to consistently release new games or updates for existing ones on an annual basis.

    The annual release of these sports games may occasionally disappoint, but for the most part, they offer enjoyable experiences that let you fulfill your fantasy of achieving success in your beloved sport through the career mode. Thanks to constantly advancing video game graphics and mechanics, playing as your preferred team and players in 2024 has never felt better. These games provide the best sports gaming experience on Roblox.

    Best Sports Games on Roblox You Should Play

    Football Fusion

    Football Fusion, a newly established sports game, has quickly gained popularity since its launch in August. It has overshadowed other sports video games like Super Striker League and TPS Ultimate Soccer. In Football Fusion, the team that starts with the ball is determined by a coin flip.

    Two captains lead two teams, each with their own set of players. The captain can choose to accept or defer the ball if they win the coin toss. The team with the most points at the end of the game emerges victorious.

    In case of a tie after four quarters, overtime is used to determine the winner. The winning team can secure a touchdown on the opening drive, score a field goal on the second drive, or halt the opposing team’s offense after a field goal.


    Best Sports Games Roblox: Phenom is an exciting basketball game on Roblox that offers thrilling high-voltage action. Inspired by the popular PlayStation 2 game NBA Phenom, this game successfully captures the essence of basketball gaming.

    With a wide variety of basketball games available, Phenom stands out thanks to its consistent gameplay and intense lobby atmosphere. Players are motivated to put in the effort to earn cool items through grinding.

    They can choose to play with a pre-built team or build their own from scratch. Overall, Phenom is a highly recommended game that shows great potential for basketball enthusiasts on Roblox.

    Goal Kick Simulator

    When fans hear the name of the game, they would naturally expect a simple concept, and it’s understandable why. The Goal Kick Simulator delivers exactly what it promises. Players take on the role of a goal kick to try and get the ball past the goalie.

    The game offers unique mechanics and unusual objectives, such as scoring from improbable distances like “from the moon.” This adds some excitement to what might initially seem like a repetitive gameplay experience, making it worth a few hours of playtime.

    TPS: Street Soccer

    EA Sports has consistently released FIFA games year after year without making significant changes to the gameplay. Despite this, the games have been very successful in terms of sales. The FIFA Street spin-off series, on the other hand, not only introduced a new catchphrase to the world of football but also attracted new users.

    Taking inspiration from FIFA Street, TPS: Street Soccer aims to provide a more stylish and appealing version of the game, specifically targeting freestylers. This game is designed for newcomers who want to play in a more stylish manner while trying to outscore their opponents.

    RSA Soccer Alpha

    RSA Soccer Alpha is a fantastic option for players who love the thrill of building and overseeing their own team. While it may not provide a completely immersive football gaming experience, it can be compared to popular titles like Top 11 Football Manager and FIFA Ultimate Team.

    In this game, players have the option to take on the role of a manager. They can collect user packs in different tiers, upgrade their home stadium, use up energy with each game played, and earn daily reward points. As the game progresses, players can even access legendary players and compete against others online to gain more experience and rewards.

    Roblox Dodgeball

    The release of the game was highly anticipated, with numerous teasers and promotions leading up to its launch. On its first day, the game attracted 100,000 visitors and garnered approximately 2,000 likes, and these numbers continue to grow rapidly.

    The music for the game was influenced by popular soundtracks from games like SSB4 and Splatoon, adding to its appeal. Currently, players can choose between two game modes: Juggernaut and Classic. In Classic mode, the objective is to throw balls at other players, aiming to hit them four times to eliminate them from the game.

    Players can also achieve victory by defeating an opposing team. However, in one of the squads, there is a single member known as the Juggernaut, who possesses a significant amount of health, making them a formidable opponent.

    Super Striker League

    The new game, Cinder Studios Super Striker League, was launched on August 30th. It’s a simple concept – score goals by kicking the ball into the opponent’s net before they do the same. To win, players need to use different abilities and strategies.

    Super Striker League is highly popular among Roblox players because it offers special events that can either assist or hinder their progress. Each game is unique, with surprises like mummies rising from the grave and ninjas shooting arrows at the players. There are also power-ups available on the ground that can enhance their super abilities, providing a significant boost in speed and energy.


    The WimbleWorld experience, developed by the Gang Sweden, is considered the best sports game on Roblox. It offers users a unique sports experience inspired by the renowned Wimbledon tennis tournament.

    With over 11.5 million visits so far, players can immerse themselves in the game by competing against friends or challenging WimbeWorld’s AI. Additionally, they have the opportunity to meet the famous tennis player Andy Murray (shown in the picture) and buy exclusive Ralph Lauren layered clothing from the Wimbledon shop.

    NFL Tycoon + NFL Shop

    Roblox offers two exciting experiences for NFL fans – NFL Tycoon and NFL Shop. In November 2021, NFL Shop was introduced to the metaverse, allowing Robloxians to personalize their avatars with authentic NFL helmets and jerseys.

    It’s a great opportunity for fans to showcase their love for their favorite teams. On the other hand, NFL Tycoon was launched specifically for Super Bowl LVI. This game allows players to construct their own stadiums, manage teams, and expand their franchises.

    One of the exciting features of NFL Tycoon is the London Games update, where players can add the iconic Big Ben to their customized NFL stadium.

    McLaren F1 Racing Experience

    Experience the ultimate racing adventure in Roblox with the McLaren F1 Racing Experience. Immerse yourself in the world of Formula 1 as you explore the renowned McLaren Technology Center, the headquarters of the legendary racing team.

    This thrilling game allows players to not only admire the MCL F1 race car but also customize their avatars to resemble professional drivers such as Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo. The best part is, you can unlock the exhilarating McLaren MCL36 by using Robux, Roblox’s in-game currency. Take your racing skills to the next level as you even have the option to drive the car into the vast ocean.

    Man City Blue Moon

    In an effort to engage with the younger generation, Manchester City has become the pioneer Premier League club to join the Roblox platform.

    Through this unique experience, fans can participate in or spectate Moonball matches, connect with fellow passionate City supporters, unlock virtual rewards, and even buy team kits from Man City’s online store.

    FIFA World

    Roblox has teamed up with FIFA to provide an exciting experience for fans of the Men’s FIFA World Cup 2022 and the Women’s World Cup in 2023. Within this virtual environment, players can enjoy various sports games, including adventure football and mini-games.

    Additionally, there are FIFA-themed rewards to be earned and even a unique foot bowling activity featuring bowling pins. The game also includes sponsorship from Visa and Adidas. It will be fascinating to observe whether the number of visits increases significantly during the FIFA World Cup held in November-December.

    Football City

    In order to attract children, particularly girls, to the sport of football, UEFA collaborated with Dubit, a prominent games developer, to create interactive mascots named Robyn, Kai, and Ashley for the upcoming UEFA Women’s EURO 2022 tournament.

    These mascots were introduced in a gaming experience called The Road to UEFA Women’s Euro. Within the game, Football City, players can compete against their friends and teammates in a variety of obstacle courses called Obbys.

    Basketball Legends

    One of the top sports games on Roblox is Basketball Legends, where players can enjoy fast-paced basketball action. Unlike other games where you have to choose a team or search for a lobby, Basketball Legends throws you right into a 5v5 online match with random players.

    You might find yourself spawning in the middle of a quarter or just before the match begins, requiring you to quickly select a captain.

    Ultimate Football

    With its extensive collection of more than 40 million games, Roblox offers a wide range of options for all types of players, including those who enjoy anime, sports, racing, simulation, role-playing, and much more.

    For football enthusiasts, we highly recommend trying out Ultimate Football, one of the best sports games available on Roblox.


    Currently, this Roblox game is widely regarded as the top-notch option for volleyball enthusiasts. It offers the opportunity to engage in multiplayer matches alongside your friends or compete against other players.

    We’ve compiled a list of the best sports games you can find on Roblox. This list includes popular sports like Soccer, Basketball, Tennis and Volleyball. Which is your favorite sports game on Roblox?

    Best RobloxRobloxSports Games

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