10 Best Minecraft Discord Servers (2024)



    List of Minecraft Discord Servers that you should join.

    10 Best Minecraft Discord Servers (2024) Gamerode

    Minecraft Discord Servers

    Minecraft is a widely enjoyed sandbox game that has a global following. As a result, it is natural for players to seek out a platform where they can connect, chat, stay informed, plan strategies, and exchange ideas. And what better platform to fulfill these needs than Discord, which was originally created as a communication platform for gamers.

    If you’re looking to join a vibrant community, make new friends, and play Minecraft with fellow fans, Discord servers are the place to be. This article aims to guide you in finding the best Minecraft Discord server available.

    It will highlight the top 10 servers that allow you to connect with the Minecraft community and also discuss the advantages of using this platform. So, without further ado, let’s delve into our list of the top 10 Discord servers for Minecraft enthusiasts.

    Discord offers numerous advantages, so let’s explore the top 10 Minecraft servers on the platform to connect with fellow gamers.

    Best Minecraft Discord Servers in 2024

    Minecraft Official

    Minecraft Official serves as the primary Discord server for Minecraft enthusiasts, attracting a substantial number of members nearing one million. Being one of the largest Minecraft Discord servers, it provides a platform for players to interact and connect with fellow Minecraft enthusiasts. While the server’s size may pose a challenge to joining, there is a continuous influx of members leaving, so persistence may be required to successfully become part of the community.

    Join this Minecraft Discord server to engage with the team behind the game and catch exclusive glimpses of upcoming features. Moreover, discover like-minded players to embark on thrilling gaming sessions and take part in the group’s exciting events and tournaments.


    Mystic stands out as one of the leading Discord servers dedicated to Minecraft, boasting an impressive community of over 50,000 active members. Whether you’re seeking thrilling giveaways specifically tailored to Minecraft enthusiasts or simply looking to connect with like-minded players, Mystic is the ideal server to join.

    This vibrant community offers round-the-clock chat opportunities, allowing you to engage with other members, share your gameplay experiences, and exchange innovative ideas. What sets Mystic apart is its convenient access to Minecraft mods, making it a one-stop destination for all your gaming needs.

    Additionally, for those interested in anime games, Mystic also hosts giveaways in that genre. In summary, if you’re in search of an all-encompassing Discord server catered to Minecraft, Mystic undoubtedly ranks among the best options available.

    Purple Prison

    Purple Prison stands out as a top-notch prison server in the world of Minecraft, boasting a thriving Discord community. This Discord server has garnered immense popularity among both seasoned gamers and newcomers to the Minecraft universe.

    Known for its constant activity and engaging conversations centered around Minecraft, Purple Prison also offers exciting giveaways for the coveted Discord Nitro premium subscription.

    In this Minecraft Discord server, you can connect with players who prioritize a positive and respectful environment. The server enforces strict guidelines and utilizes various Discord bots to prevent spam and irrelevant posts.

    This ensures a clean and enjoyable space where you can engage with Minecraft enthusiasts from different corners of the globe and uncover exciting aspects of the game. Purple Prison is highly regarded as a renowned Discord server for Minecraft, and it is definitely worth exploring.


    ChillBar is a popular Minecraft Discord server that caters to a friendly and inclusive community. It offers a variety of voice channels where players from all over the world can come together to interact, play Minecraft, and forge new friendships.

    However, if gaming isn’t your thing, you can still join the server to relax and engage in conversations with like-minded individuals. Additionally, ChillBar provides dedicated music, karaoke, and AFK channels for users to enjoy.

    The server also hosts monthly giveaways and art events, allowing members to showcase their talents and win exciting prizes. Reviews of ChillBar highlight the server’s competitive yet supportive and non-toxic player base.

    Whether you’re interested in connecting with others through Minecraft or simply looking to make new friends, ChillBar is the ideal place for you.

    Minecraft SMP

    With a staggering membership of over 63,000 individuals, this Minecraft Discord server stands out as an exceptional platform for like-minded gamers seeking support. The community within this server is dedicated to assisting fellow Minecraft players in enhancing their skills through valuable tips and guidance.

    Moreover, it serves as an excellent hub for exchanging insights and staying up-to-date with the latest features and updates in the game. While Minecraft remains the focal point, this Discord server also fosters discussions on various other games such as Valheim, Among Us, and more. In essence, this server offers a serene environment where players can connect with new comrades, forge new friendships, and deepen their understanding of beloved games.


    Mineplex stands out as an exceptional Minecraft server, offering a plethora of captivating game modes, a thriving community, and an impressive collection of custom maps. The creators of Mineplex have taken their commitment to providing endless entertainment a step further by establishing a dedicated discord server, which boasts an impressive membership of over 50,000 individuals.

    Whether you’re exploring the vast realms of Minecraft or engaging with fellow players on Discord, you’ll always find a bustling community eager to connect. The discord server offers specialized channels for engaging in lengthy voice conversations, exchanging artwork, and networking with like-minded individuals. If you’re a newcomer looking to immerse yourself in the Minecraft community, Mineplex’s network is an incredibly inviting option.


    With a membership of over 80,000, Mantle is a thriving Minecraft community that warmly welcomes new players. It offers a wonderful platform for gamers to engage in conversation, connect with like-minded individuals, and forge new friendships.

    This server provides various lounges where you can interact with gamers from around the globe. Moreover, Mantle focuses on the creation and exchange of capes within the Minecraft community. Join now and be a part of this vibrant Minecraft

    An appealing aspect of this community is the opportunity to connect with numerous Minecraft designers and enthusiasts who are passionate about capes. When you discover a cape that appeals to you, this community is there to help you customize it in the game. Even though other players may not be able to see your cape, this community warmly welcomes your unique style choices.

    SkyBlock Simplified

    This particular community shares many similarities with Minecraft’s official Discord server. It stands out as one of the largest Discord servers focused on Minecraft, boasting an impressive member count of over 90,000. If you’re a devoted follower of Hypixel, this Discord server could be the perfect fit for you.

    It centers around Hypixel’s highly popular game mode called SkyBlock. As a result, a majority of players utilize this server to discuss strategies, form guilds, and seek assistance specifically for SkyBlock.

    When you join this Minecraft Discord server, you gain access to numerous advantages. One of the key benefits is a supportive community that is always ready to offer guidance whenever you need it.

    Moreover, you can engage in frequent discussions about the game’s features and upcoming updates, which are highly sought after by most Minecraft players. Additionally, this Minecraft Discord server allows you to conveniently perform in-game actions such as transitions, crafting, trading, and other related services.

    It’s worth noting that this group welcomes players of all ages and has strict guidelines in place to uphold the group’s quality.

    The Vent

    Minecraft enthusiasts now have the opportunity to join The Vent, a recently established Discord server where they can interact with fellow gamers. Despite being a relatively new platform, it is rapidly gaining popularity among Minecraft players.

    The server maintains strict rules and regulations to ensure the members’ adherence, while also offering a space where users can form exclusive communities free from interference by bots or moderators.

    Moreover, this particular Discord server provides numerous lobbies that are exclusively dedicated to various aspects and functionalities of Minecraft, which members can readily join.

    The individuals within this group consistently engage in exploring new features and sharing helpful tips to improve their gaming abilities. Hence, if you are seeking an expanding and lively community, look no further than this Minecraft Discord server.


    CurseForge serves as a hub for Minecraft modding services, providing a platform for users to share and download mods. It also allows users to rate mods based on their popularity. Minecraft players often visit this server to discover new texture packs used by others.

    In Discord, there is an active chat room where members gather to exchange ideas and help each other with modding experiments or in-game issues.

    Moreover, CurseForge provides a wide range of game expansions for popular titles such as The Sims 4, World of Warcraft, and StarCraft II from Blizzard Entertainment. By joining this server, players can expect an immersive and captivating experience across various gaming genres.

    Roleplay Hub

    The Minecraft Roleplay Hub is a community specifically designed for players who love participating in role-playing scenarios. With a dedicated group of over 15k users, this server offers various channels to engage with others. These channels include general chat spaces where players can connect with each other at any time.

    The Roleplay Hub provides a welcoming environment where individuals can freely express their ideas without fear of criticism. The staff members are known for their exceptional service, offering kindness and support to all who join. If you’re looking for a pleasurable experience, this is the place to be.

    Minecraft Building

    Minecraft Discord Servers are a popular hub for creators and builders. The Minecraft Building server is particularly known for its supportive community and resources for construction projects. It offers a public Discord platform where players can come together to learn about building techniques and discover unique structures.

    Although its primary focus is on building, this server also attracts players who enjoy spontaneous gaming experiences with fellow enthusiasts. If you’re looking for a relaxed and friendly atmosphere to chat and connect with other players, Minecraft Building is the perfect choice.

    Benefits of Minecraft with Discord

    In addition to being free, there are numerous advantages to utilizing Discord while playing Minecraft. One of the main benefits is the increased visibility it offers, which rapidly becomes crucial to your gaming experience. Here are a few of the perks you can enjoy by playing the game with Discord.

    It Allows You to Meet New Friends

    Similar to other messaging applications, Discord provides a platform for users to socialize with both new and existing friends. When you join a Minecraft Discord server, you will typically encounter fellow gamers with whom you can engage in gameplay. By becoming a member of these servers, you have the opportunity to establish friendships and engage in cooperative play.

    Ability to Converse while Playing

    One of the main advantages of joining a Minecraft Discord server is the ability to have seamless conversations. Instead of using a separate application and having to exit your game to communicate with other players, you can simply join a voice chat on Discord while playing Minecraft. This allows for convenient and uninterrupted communication with your team and fellow gamers.

    Ability to Stream Games

    Discord offers a feature called “Go Live” that enables users to stream their Minecraft game. This feature is particularly useful for competitive players and game vloggers who want to share their gameplay on platforms like YouTube and other streaming sites. Moreover, Discord allows you to stream your game in various qualities, such as 720p and 1080p, providing flexibility and customization options for your streaming experience.

    Easy Method to Reach Dev Teams

    By joining a Minecraft Discord server, you gain unrestricted access to developers and other individuals involved in the game. This allows you to provide valuable feedback to assist the development team in enhancing the game. Additionally, you can stay updated with the latest updates and receive useful tips to enhance your gameplay experience.

    If you are searching for Minecraft Discord Servers to connect with new players and find teammates for the game, we have compiled a list of the top servers that you can join. Hopefully, this list will assist you in discovering your new friends for Minecraft.

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