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    15 Best Video Games Merchants Gamerode

    Prior to embarking on a thrilling quest to defeat menacing creatures and prevent catastrophic events, it is highly advisable to visit a nearby merchant for additional provisions. Even the most powerful heroes require assistance from shopkeepers who acquire vital items.

    In the world of video games, there are often non-playable characters (NPCs) who sell various goods to the player. However, some games stand out by including memorable merchants who have distinct personalities.

    These merchants may try to exploit the player’s character by charging exorbitant prices for necessary items, but deep down, they mean well. Their charm and likability will make you want to visit them, even when you don’t have any money to spend.

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    The Best Video Games Merchants

    1. Merchant – Resident Evil 4

    Since the initial launch of Resident Evil 4, numerous video games have been influenced by its ground-breaking over-the-shoulder viewpoint, combination of action and horror elements, and the memorable presence of a mysterious Merchant.

    This Merchant, although appearing suspicious, is solely driven by the intention to assist players by offering them the opportunity to purchase various items in exchange for Pesetas. This unique feature has significantly enhanced the enjoyment and excitement of the game.

    Are you in search of a convenient store where you can find new weapons, treasure maps, and sell your items? Look no further than the Merchant’s Store! This store has everything you need to embark on a journey to rescue the President’s daughter.

    While the Merchant may not directly influence the overall story, he is a friendly presence in a game that is filled with terrifying monsters and intense moments.

    2. Emil – Nier Automata

    In the sequel of the game Nier, it is quite rare to witness the transformation of one of the main characters into a merchant. In the first installment, Emil, a young child who accompanies the player’s party, undergoes a physical transformation by merging with his sister.

    However, in Nier Automata, set thousands of years later, Emil is encountered by 2B and 9S in the City Ruins, where he has taken on the role of a merchant.

    Even though a significant amount of time has gone by, Emil still has a youthful spirit and enjoys playing the catchy jingle of his video game merchandise store whenever he sees the androids passing by.

    In addition to selling supplies, Emil offers one of the most exciting side quests in the game, which sheds light on his personal journey. This quest eventually leads to an impressive optional boss battle and contributes to one of the 26 different endings in Nier Automata.

    3. Beedle – The Legend Of Zelda

    Apart from Link, Impa, and a handful of other characters, The Legend of Zelda series does not have many characters that consistently appear in multiple games.

    Beedle, a traveling merchant offering distinct items, debuted in Wind Waker and has subsequently appeared in five other Zelda games, ensuring that his customers always get fantastic deals.

    No matter if you encounter him in Skyward Sword or Phantom Hourglass, Beedle is consistently a charming character to engage with, and being a dedicated customer often has its advantages.

    In most versions of the game, Beedle offers Membership Cards to his customers, allowing them to enjoy discounts and rewards when they spend a specific amount of Rupees.

    4. Brok And Sindri – God Of War

    There are only a few video game merchants who actively participate in the game’s adventure, and Brok and Sindri from the God of War series are among them.

    These characters not only sell armor and items to the protagonist, Kratos, but they also embark on their own adventures across the Nine Realms.

    Their story is one of the most significant aspects of the Norse duology and they play a crucial role as allies to Kratos and Atreus.

    In the game God of War released in 2018, the characters Brok and Sindri initially have a strained relationship that hinders their abilities.

    However, as the game progresses, they manage to resolve their differences and start collaborating again when Ragnarök approaches. Not only are they exceptional blacksmiths, but they also become great companions to Kratos and each other.

    5. Temmie – Undertale

    Within the underground waterfalls of Undertale, there exists a community of creatures called Temmies. The Tem shop is the exclusive destination for players to trade their items, since other stores are unwilling to purchase pre-owned band-aids.

    6. Christopher – Shadows Of The Damned

    Video game merchant Suda 51 is famous for his unique style of combining unsettling visuals with eccentric characters and humorous dialogue. Shadows of the Damned, like his previous works, follows this pattern.

    Throughout Garcia Hotspur’s journey through the underworld, he will encounter a diverse array of peculiar individuals, one of them being Christopher, a bizarre shopkeeper who is a mix of demon and human.

    Christopher, voiced by the talented Cam Clarke, portrays an enthusiastic and friendly cowboy through his excellent voice acting. Compared to the other characters Garcia encounters, Christopher’s appearance may be grotesque, but his demeanor is much more approachable.

    Players have the opportunity to appease Christopher’s craving for white gems, and in return, they will receive valuable ammunition that can be crucial for their survival.

    7. Rodin – Bayonetta

    In the past, Hideki Kamiya’s action games like Devil May Cry and Viewtiful Joe included in-game shops where players could buy various items and special moves.

    However, one crucial element that was missing was a friendly and charismatic merchant to guide players through their shopping experience. Bayonetta successfully addresses this issue by introducing the cigar-smoking Rodin, who adds a delightful charm to the game.

    Situated confidently in the Gates of Hell, Rodin’s pub is the ideal spot to enjoy a couple of beverages, engage in casual conversations, and purchase various equipment.

    With his cool and detached attitude, along with his witty sense of humor, Rodin becomes an exceptional character in Kamiya’s renowned gaming universe.

    8. Stan – The Monkey Island Series

    Stan the salesman is a familiar character in every game of the Monkey Island series. Recognized for his distinct plaid jacket, animated gestures, and talkative personality, he has appeared as a merchant offering a wide range of products and services.

    These include, but are not limited to, second-hand ships, pre-owned coffins, life insurance policies, properties, and even legal counsel.

    Stan, the versatile merchant, can provide Guybrush with any necessary items or solutions in the game, as long as the price is right.

    Despite facing challenges such as being attacked by the fearsome pirate LeChuck, being trapped in a coffin, and even being thrown in prison, Stan remains undeterred and continues to showcase his remarkable ability to thrive in various business ventures.

    9. The Undead Merchant – Dark Souls

    In the realm of Dark Souls, you’ll encounter a diverse and eccentric group of deranged characters, each providing valuable services and goods.

    These characters can be particularly helpful during the early stages of the game when players have yet to level up or grasp the complexities of combat.

    In the undead Burg area, you’ll come across a friendly merchant who, despite being reduced to skeletal form, remains amicable.

    10. Anna – Fire Emblem

    Anna, a character from the Fire Emblem series, stands out as one of the most unforgettable merchants in the gaming world. Unlike other merchants who make a single appearance, Anna has made multiple appearances throughout the series, making her a recurring character.

    Ever since her first appearance in Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light, Anna has consistently appeared in almost every game, taking on the role of a traveling merchant offering fantastic bargains on rare and elusive items.

    Anna, in every version, is characterized by her playful and cheerful nature, along with a mischievous personality that might leave you wondering where she obtains her merchandise.

    Besides appearing to sell valuable accessories, Anna frequently makes guest appearances in various video games or even becomes a member of your army in games like Fire Emblem Engage.

    11. Tom Nook – Animal Crossing

    In the world of Animal Crossing, Tom Nook has always been a familiar face and is often the first character you encounter. He plays a crucial role in helping you find your footing and providing guidance as you start your new life.

    Tom Nook assists you in settling down and locating a suitable home, and he also informs you about the expenses you need to cover for his services. To earn money and repay your debt to him, you’ll have to visit his store, where you can purchase essential tools and sell various items.

    12. Porkrind – Cuphead

    Cuphead and Mugman find themselves in a difficult situation after failing to make a deal with the Devil. In order to save themselves, they embark on a mission to gather the souls of formidable bosses.

    This task is challenging, but by successfully completing run and gun levels in the game, they can earn coins. These coins can then be used to buy upgraded weapons and charms from Porkrind’s Emporium, a renowned establishment for video games merchants.

    While Porkrind may not possess the same level of charm as the other inhabitants in the Inkwell Isles, he plays a crucial role as a merchant. His inventory consists of items that are vital for enhancing the survival prospects of Cuphead and Mugman.

    Despite his intimidating appearance, Porkrind is actually a helpful character who is willing to assist the duo in unlocking potent new abilities. However, he requires payment in cash before granting access to these upgrades.

    13. Torneko – Dragon Quest Series

    In Dragon Quest IV, Torneko’s chapter uniquely allowed players to step into the shoes of a shopkeeper and even offered rewards based on their customer service skills.

    Torneko decided to leave his unfulfilling job at a local weapons shop to pursue his dream of owning his own store. Despite not appearing very heroic, Torneko embarked on this journey for the sake of his family, hoping to provide them with a better life.

    His iconic status is evident as he has been featured as the main character in three Mystery Dungeon games.

    14. Drebin 893 – Metal Gear Series

    Drebin 893 belongs to a clandestine group of individuals involved in the selling and customization of ID chips, enabling firearms to be accessible to anyone.

    During his childhood, Drebin 893 was forcibly taken by a rebel faction opposing the Ugandan government and grew up in the midst of armed conflicts.

    With his firsthand knowledge of the financial aspects of warfare, he gained valuable understanding and a chance to participate in the illicit business of gun laundering.

    Drebin 893 plays a crucial role in supporting Solid Snake by supplying him with essential gear and establishing a virtual economy centered around “Drebin points.”

    15. The Guardian of Metal – Brutal Legend

    In Brutal Legend, there is a unique character known as the Guardian of Metal, who is portrayed by the legendary Ozzie Osborne. Unlike the other inhabitants of Tim Schafer’s heavy metal universe, this character identifies as a lover rather than a fighter.

    Consequently, he politely rejects Eddie’s invitation to join his mission. However, he does agree to offer various services to Eddie in return for fire tributes.

    Gamers who impress the deities of heavy metal by executing impressive tricks or winning battles have the opportunity to acquire these offerings in order to buy advantageous enhancements for their guitar, ax, and vehicle.

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