20 Best Roblox Horror Games (2024)



    Scary Roblox games that you might not have played yet.

    20 Best Roblox Horror Games (2024) Gamerode

    Roblox has risen to become one of the top gaming platforms, thanks to its strong community support. With its ability to create customized games, Roblox offers a wide range of genres, including shooters, roleplaying, and more.

    In this article, we will be focusing on the most frightful Roblox games that will send chills down your spine. If you’re a Roblox gamer in search of the scariest games in 2024, look no further because Gamerode have the ultimate list for you.

    Best Roblox Horror Games (2024)

    Alone in a Dark House

    Alone in a Dark House is a thrilling horror game on Roblox that offers a unique blend of storytelling and immersive gameplay. In this game, set in the eerie backdrop of August 1996, players assume the role of a private investigator who embarks on a journey to a secluded town. The main objective revolves around solving a gruesome vehicular murder, leading players to an ominous mansion filled with numerous hidden secrets.

    If you assume that the vacant area only has furniture, be prepared to encounter hidden corridors that hold eerie mysteries. Your task is to unravel various puzzles and ultimately uncover the greater enigma at hand.

    Dead Silence

    Dead Silence is widely recognized as one of the most terrifying horror games available on Roblox. This spine-chilling game offers players an immersive and thrilling experience. Inspired by the horror movie of the same title, Dead Silence places you in the role of an investigator tasked with unraveling the mystery behind the vanishing of Mary Shaw. Shaw, a deceased ventriloquist, is believed to haunt the nearby town, and it’s your duty to uncover the truth.

    With its unsettling level design, filled with ominous sounds and whispered secrets, this spine-tingling Roblox game is guaranteed to make you feel uneasy and keep your lights on at night.

    The Apartment

    It may come as a surprise to learn that one of the top horror games on Roblox doesn’t rely on jumpscares. This particular game, called “The Apartment,” instead focuses on creating a deeply unsettling atmosphere to frighten players. In this game, you take on the role of a friend who has come to assist a fellow gamer.


    If you enjoy playing ghost hunting games like Phasmophobia, then you will definitely feel at home with Specter. This particular horror game revolves around the concept of being a ghost hunter. Whether you decide to play alone or with your friends, the game begins with you inside a van, just outside a location of your choice. The settings can vary, ranging from eerie deserted forests to opulent and extravagant houses.

    In Roblox horror games, such as Specter and its sequel Specter 2, players are equipped with a limited number of items that they must carefully choose to use. The objective is to enter a specific location and search for the ghost that is haunting it. Similar to popular AAA horror games, Specter assigns names to its ghosts and aims to provide a truly terrifying experience.

    As players navigate through the game’s map, they will encounter flickering lights, creaking doors, and eerie laughter, adding to the overall sense of fear and suspense. If you enjoy facing paranormal challenges, Specter and Specter 2 are highly recommended as some of the best scary Roblox games available.

    The Mimic

    Roblox Horror Games: The Mimic is an exceptionally frightening game that we have recently discovered. This game offers the option to play alone or with others, providing a thrilling horror adventure that spans multiple chapters. Drawing inspiration from four distinct stories of Japanese history and urban legends, The Mimic adds a unique twist to its gameplay.

    In this thrilling Roblox horror game, you will embark on a series of adventures disguised as four unique books. Each chapter will transport you and your friends to enigmatic worlds filled with terrifying level designs, unexpected loud noises, and plenty of heart-stopping jumpscares. While it is possible to play this game alone, we strongly suggest bringing a friend along if you wish to avoid the full intensity of the experience. If you’re seeking one of the most satisfying Roblox scary games, be sure to give it a try.


    Explore the eerie world of a survival horror game inspired by Peppa Pig. In this thrilling adventure, you find yourself in the role of a police officer investigating the mysterious disappearance of George Pig. However, your investigation takes a dangerous turn when you are unexpectedly attacked by a pig and rendered unconscious.

    Upon awakening, you discover that you must now escape from a perilous room before meeting a grisly fate. As if that weren’t enough, the police station becomes overrun by a terrifying monster, leaving only you and your fellow officer, Doggy, to face the impending danger. Immerse yourself in this heart-pounding.

    The Mirror

    Roblox horror games can be even more terrifying when played alone. In the game called “The Mirror,” players are tasked with navigating through an obstacle course while only relying on their own reflection. As you progress, you start questioning whether your mind is deceiving you or if it’s actually the mirror that is causing the eerie experiences. This particular game is suitable for players of all ages, as it strikes the perfect balance between being creepy and enjoyable.

    Breaking Point

    Breaking Point, a game on Roblox, has gained immense popularity. However, there was a time when this game was completely banned. The objective of Breaking Point is to be the sole survivor in a murder mystery scenario. Surprisingly, this game turned out to be incredibly addictive, exceeding our initial expectations.

    Murder Mystery 2

    Roblox Horror Games: Murder Mystery is a thrilling game that takes a different approach from A Wolf or Other. Instead of featuring werewolves, it focuses on a traditional murderer theme. Similar to the popular game Among Us, players need to identify the murderer among the innocent participants.

    Murder Mystery offers three exciting modes – Casual, Hardcore, and Assassin – to cater to different levels of difficulty for players seeking a challenge. Unlike other horror games, Murder Mystery does not include any supernatural elements, making it more suitable for younger players.

    Pinstripe Murders

    Finally, there is Pinstripe Murders, an eerie Roblox horror game set in a sprawling hotel. In this game, players must escape from a menacing clown dressed in pinstripes, who bears a resemblance to Slenderman. What sets Pinstripe Murders apart from other Roblox games is its distinct and uncommon art style. Additionally, the game features a dynamic soundtrack that can shift from calming melodies to chilling tunes.

    The True Backrooms: Renovated

    Roblox Horror Games often incorporate the concept of the Backrooms, which is considered an urban legend. The Backrooms represent an office-like environment that acts as a liminal space, where one loses touch with reality. The True Backrooms: Renovated is a terrifying Roblox game that takes place within this eerie setting. In this game, players must work together with a group of friends to find a way out of the never-ending maze of rooms that make up the Backrooms.

    Slumber Party Story

    Looking for a seemingly harmless game to play? Well, Slumber Party Story might not be what you expect, especially if you enjoy a good scare. Unlike its innocent name, this game is far from relaxing. With a duration of approximately ten minutes, it promises to take you on an exhilarating journey. After a wild night of partying, you accompany your friend back to their house. However, little do you know what eerie surprises await you in their peculiar neighborhood.


    If you have a fear of spiders, it is advisable not to play these games. However, if you’re up for a hair-raising experience, one game in particular stands out. It’s incredibly straightforward, yet manages to evoke sheer terror due to its monstrous spider antagonist. We won’t reveal too many details, but be prepared to use your nimble reflexes to outrun this arachnid. Despite its frightening nature, playing with friends can actually turn it into a rather amusing experience.

    Zombie Attack

    Zombie Attack is a game similar to Call of Duty: Zombies but with a PG rating. In this game, you will face waves of zombies that become more challenging as you progress. As you defeat zombies, you will unlock more powerful weapons. One interesting twist in this game is that if your character gets killed, you can respawn as a zombie. Although the graphics may not be extremely realistic, Zombie Attack is still an enjoyable game for younger children to experience.

    Horror Elevator

    Similar to the popular movie “The Cabin In The Woods,” Horror Elevator is a Roblox game where players find themselves trapped in a lift that stops unpredictably at various floors. Each floor presents a unique horror scenario, making it an exciting and suspenseful game. This game is suitable for older kids as it keeps them on their toes, never knowing which terrifying monster will appear each time they

    Bear Alpha

    This particular game offers a straightforward concept: one player takes on the role of a killer bear and must eliminate the other players within a limited time of five minutes. Although the bear has a slight advantage in terms of speed, the survivors have the ability to defend themselves using weapons, resulting in a well-balanced gameplay experience. It’s important to note that this game may not be suitable for young children who are still attached to their teddy bears, as the game’s environments alone are already quite eerie even without considering the presence of the killer bear.


    Apeirophobia is a Roblox horror game that accurately represents the fear of infinity. The game revolves around exploration and the quest to find an escape route. Apart from its appropriate name, one notable feature of this scary Roblox game is its unique movement mechanism. Unlike the typical walking style of Roblox characters, the main character in Apeirophobia runs more realistically, resembling a human.

    Survive The Killer

    If you’re familiar with games like Friday the 13th, you’ll easily understand the concept of Survive the Killer, a highly popular horror game on Roblox. This game allows players to choose between being survivors or killers. As a survivor, your objective is to evade and hide from the killer who is after you and your companions. You have the choice to either hide on your own or team up with friends to escape together.

    In Survive the Killer, players take on the role of a murderer who must eliminate as many other players as possible before they can escape or time runs out. This Roblox horror game has become incredibly popular in 2024 and offers a thrilling and frightening adventure for you and your friends to enjoy. Be sure to give it a try and see for yourself.


    Rather than being centered around one specific game, Doors offers an immersive experience that explores different scenarios. Doors is an innovative combination of puzzle-solving mechanics and survival horror elements. Players begin their journey in a hotel lobby surrounded by elevators. Each elevator takes them to a distinct floor, which serves as a unique map with its own intricate maze-like design. These maps feature a variety of puzzles that players must solve in order to find their way out and escape.

    The Rake Remastered

    Roblox Horror Games offer a thrilling experience, and one such game is The Rake. This game draws inspiration from the infamous creepypasta character, The Rake. As a popular survival horror game, it immerses players in a map where they encounter The Rake, an unfriendly grey humanoid character.

    With various settings and gameplay options, players are challenged to stay alive and preserve their mental stability as they face off against the terrifying creature known as the Rake. Considered one of the top horror games on Roblox, this is an experience you shouldn’t miss out on.


    We’ve compiled a list of the best horror games on Roblox in 2024. Are there any games you might be interested in playing? Leave a comment on this post.

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