20 Best Palworld Mods (2024)



    Best Palworld Mods so far..

    20 Best Palworld Mods (2024) Gamerode

    20 Best Palworld Mods (2024) Gamerode

    Palworld Mods have quickly emerged and are already making their mark by offering players a wide range of additional features and enhancing the gameplay of the year’s most unexpectedly successful game.

    Currently, there is a limited selection of mods for Palworld since it has recently been released. Additionally, these mods may not consistently function properly due to potential updates in the future. Palworld is still in its early access stage, and its developer, Pocketpal, has ambitious plans for its development, which include the implementation of PvP and raid bosses.

    If you’re looking for greater control over your Pal worlds, it’s definitely worth exploring the current options available. Are you looking for Palworld mods that can enhance your gaming experience? Whether you’re interested in altering the visuals or adding exciting new mechanics, we’ve compiled a list of the top Palworld mods for you to explore.

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    Where to find Palworld mods

    The majority of mods for Palworld can be found on the Nexus Mods platform. However, it is important to note that you won’t come across any mods on Nexus that introduce Pokémon elements to Palworld.

    This is because Nexus Mods wants to avoid any potential legal issues or correspondence from Nintendo. Their decision is understandable and fair.

    How to install Palworld mods

    Installation instructions for Palworld mods may vary, but for the most part, you will be required to place the mod files in the following directory:

    • SteamsteamappscommonPalworldPalBinariesWin64Mods.

    It is important to carefully review the installation instructions for every mod, as certain mods may require additional steps.

    Best Palworld Mods in 2024

    Carry Weight Increase

    The default carry weight limit in RPG games is often insufficient for many players. This is where the Carry Weight Increase mod comes in. By using this mod, you can boost the starting carry weight limit from 300 to a much higher 1,000.

    Additionally, the mod also enhances the gain per point to 250, resulting in a significant change in the amount of items you can carry at any given moment.

    Game Tweaks

    If there are specific elements in Palworld that you find unsatisfying, you can utilize the Game Tweaks mod to modify certain variables that are not to your liking. This mod allows you to adjust various aspects such as the stats you gain per level up or enhance the chances of finding rare Pals in the wilderness.

    With this mod, you can personalize Palworld to align with your ideal gaming experience.

    Remove Flying Stamina Cost

    Once you acquire a flying Pal, the last thing you want to worry about is the amount of stamina it consumes to keep you airborne. With the remove flying stamina cost mod, you can freely navigate the Palworld map without the need to constantly pause and rest.

    Toggle HUD

    When you begin constructing your initial base in Palworld, you may notice that the HUD becomes crowded quite rapidly. This can pose a challenge when you want to capture a beautiful photo with numerous Pals moving about, as the HUD elements tend to occupy a significant portion of the frame.

    Luckily, the Toggle HUD mod offers a convenient solution by allowing you to eliminate the HUD entirely. This enables you to effortlessly capture flawless photographs without any distractions.

    Steam Deck Essentials

    Although Palworld is not a very demanding game for handheld gaming PCs, it could benefit from some adjustments to run more efficiently. Luckily, modder Hybred has created a file that includes the essential graphics settings to optimize the game’s performance on portable PCs.

    This mod, called Steam Deck Essentials, is compatible with other devices like the ASUS ROG Ally and Legion Go, making it worth trying even if you don’t own a Steam Deck. So, give this Palworld mod a shot and enhance your gaming experience on the go.

    Enhanced Visuals

    If you’re searching for a way to enhance the visuals of your game, consider using the Enhanced Visuals mod created by FrancisLouis. This mod allows you to disable certain post-processing effects that are designed to improve the game’s performance on less powerful hardware.

    By doing so, you can increase the view distance and improve the overall clarity and sharpness of the graphics. However, keep in mind that your PC must be capable of handling these changes.

    Pokemon Overhaul

    YouTuber ToastedShoes recently hinted at an upcoming mod called the Pokemon Overhaul for Palworld. In a Twitter/X post, ToastedShoes shared a video showcasing various Pokemon taking the place of Pals in the game.

    Some of the Pokemon featured in the video include Torchic, Pikachu, and Wooloo. Additionally, the video also revealed that Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town would replace the main character model, and various Pokemon from different generations would be seen exploring the game world.

    Unfortunately, the release of this mod will be delayed as Nintendo has taken legal action against the creator by issuing a DMCA strike. As a result, NexusMods has been forced to remove all Palworld mods related to Pokemon. Based on the Pokemon Overhaul mod, it seems that many creators will be steering clear of Nintendo’s popular series in the coming months.


    The Palworld Mods called Map Unlocker allows players to have a complete view of the game map by removing the fog of war in unexplored areas. This mod is compatible with multiplayer mode and has been tested on both the Steam and Game Pass versions of Palworld.

    Although it reveals the entire map, it does not activate fast travel points, requiring players to reach these points manually in order to access them from their base.


    LuckyPals is a user-friendly and efficient mod that transforms all Pals (excluding bosses) into their Lucky versions. With this mod, you can proudly showcase your collection of “rare” Pals without any limitations.

    Pause – Freeze Time

    If you often find yourself wanting a break to think, you’re not the only one. By using this mod, you can easily pause time with a single keystroke.

    Remove Pal Revive Timer

    If you’re feeling guilty about your Pal being mistreated, you can use this mod to avoid waiting for them to revive. Simply go to your Palbox and temporarily place them there, allowing you to continue playing without any delay.

    This mod is a great solution for those who want to avoid the revive timer and get back into the game quickly.

    Extended Building Reach

    In Palworld, it becomes necessary to construct extensive bases. However, the limited building reach in the game can be inconvenient in such situations. If you desire to enhance your building range and make camp upgrades easier, the Palworld Mods can greatly assist you.

    Stutter Fix

    Stutter Fix is not ranked higher on this list because not all Palworld players are experiencing stutters, and some players are not bothered by them. However, Stutter Fix is particularly beneficial for those with low GPU VRAM or those using traditional HDD drives. It effectively addresses stuttering issues in these specific situations.


    There is another mod called AlwaysFastTravel that may seem simple, but it is actually quite useful. This mod allows you to always return to a specific fast travel totem, which is incredibly convenient. With this mod, you can explore much more extensively without any worries or limitations.

    Palworld FOV Changes 70-150

    Palworld Mods can be a lifesaver for players who are facing limited field-of-vision options in the game. This lack of options can create accessibility issues, especially when playing from different angles.

    However, with the Palworld FOV Changes 70-150 mod, players can easily customize their gameplay field-of-vision to their preference. This mod is particularly essential for those using ultrawide monitors, making it a must-have addition to enhance their gaming experience.

    No Food Decay

    One of the frustrating features of Palworld is its food decay system, which can result in the loss of valuable cooked items if not monitored closely. The No Food Decay mod eliminates this mechanic entirely, providing a worry-free experience when it comes to preserving your Palworld food.

    This mod can be seen as a quality of life improvement or even a cheat, but its usefulness cannot be ignored.


    The Palworld Mods created by InfinateXstremer on NexusMods introduces the Spyro as Foxparks mod. This mod replaces the character model of Foxparks with the well-loved purple dragon, Spyro.

    It’s not only amusing to witness Spyro roaming around Palpagos Island, but it also adds the ability to utilize his partner skill as a flamethrower, making gameplay even more exciting.

    Durability increase

    Vuxacha has been on a successful streak as they have also developed a mod called durability increase. This mod significantly enhances the maximum durability of your weapons and tools, making them more resistant to breaking.

    For those of us who often overlook checking the durability of our tools, this mod is an essential addition.

    Reset Stats

    It can be frustrating to invest points in the wrong stats and realize later that you want to make changes. However, there is a solution in the form of a mod called Reset Stats by DekitaRPG. This mod introduces a reset button that allows you to redo all your stat increases whenever you desire.

    Instant Items

    The Palworld Mods developed by Gantz79, specifically the Instant Items mod, are incredibly beneficial for players. This particular mod eliminates the need to spend time crafting items in Palworld by making the process instant.

    As a result, players no longer have to rely on Handiwork Pals to assist them in crafting items. This is particularly advantageous since certain items can take a significant amount of time, up to five minutes, to craft, which can become monotonous and uninteresting.

    Palworld is now available on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. For more content on Palworld, check out the relevant links below and any of our guides, list of mods, and news on Gamerode.

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