20 Best Minecraft Island Seeds in 2024



    Best Minecraft Island Seeds You Should Try

    20 Best Minecraft Island Seeds In 2024 Gamerode

    Minecraft Island Seeds

    Envision starting your Minecraft adventure on a small island with limited resources and no specific destination. Will you prioritize building a boat to explore the vast oceans or gather essential resources for survival? The possibilities for exploration are endless, and a thrilling adventure awaits you.

    However, finding these exciting survival islands can be challenging in the latest versions of Minecraft. To address this issue, we have curated a collection of the top Minecraft Island Seeds that you absolutely need to try. These seeds are compatible with both Minecraft Java and Bedrock editions. Without further ado, let’s dive into these incredible seeds and embark on an unforgettable journey!

    Best Minecraft Island Seeds in 2024

    Island of Trees

    Wood is an essential and abundant resource in Minecraft, as it is needed to craft various items, including the crafting table. In addition to its practical uses, wood is also a versatile building material in the game. Fortunately, this particular seed provides an abundance of different wood types.

    When you spawn on this island, you’ll find a seamless blend of birch forest, taiga, old-growth birch forest, and forest biomes. Furthermore, there is a hill in the center of the island where you can construct a wooden house and oversee your forest kingdom.

    Seed Code9043662922853427559
    Spawn BiomeBirch Forest
    Coordinates216, 116, -468

    Stuck in Ice with Exposed Lush Cave

    In Minecraft, there are many survival island seeds that typically place you in the middle of the vast ocean. From there, you have the option to swim or row to other nearby land masses. However, this particular seed is different. It starts you off on a frozen island, completely surrounded by frozen ocean.

    This unique challenge adds an extra layer of difficulty to the usual survival island experience. However, as with all things in Minecraft, there is always a creative alternative. If you’re not a fan of braving the cold ocean, you can explore the ravine located in the center of the island. This ravine will lead you to a massive lush cave that is exposed.

    From here, you can freely navigate underground to reach your next destination. And while you’re exploring, don’t forget to keep an eye out for the elusive Axolotl in Minecraft.

    Seed Code-5106417445507245621
    Spawn BiomeForest
    Coordinates 216, 116, -468

    Village Survival Island

    To kick things off, the initial seed places us on a vast survival island that includes a reliable savanna village nearby. Right from the start, you’ll have access to food, wood, and all the essential resources necessary to begin your exciting journey.

    Once you’ve settled in, you have the option to explore the surrounding world or remain on the island to construct a Nether portal and attempt a speedy game completion.

    Seed Code-2927611868038818840
    Spawn BiomeSavanna
    Coordinates264, 71, -376 (Bedrock) 160, 71, -336 (Java)

    No Island and No Survival

    One of the most challenging Minecraft island seeds we’ve found is the result of a glitch that few players will be able to survive. Upon spawning, you’ll find yourself drowning in the middle of an endless ocean, with no land in sight.

    Even if you manage to survive the drowning, the chances of avoiding starvation are extremely slim. If you’re searching for a true test of your survival skills, this seed is the ultimate choice. It is undoubtedly the toughest Minecraft survival island seed we’ve encountered.

    Seed Code2607133457590840792
    Spawn BiomeOcean

    Too Hot to Survive

    Many Minecraft players rely on the food sources found on survival islands to make their way through the game. However, imagine if there were no such resources available. This challenging scenario becomes a reality in our next Minecraft seed, which places you on a deserted island.

    Even the closest pieces of land are all desert biomes. Thankfully, there is a small area of savanna biome that can provide you with the necessary wood supply. Without it, this seed would present an even greater challenge to overcome.

    Seed Code-5174064112800421857
    Spawn BiomeDesert

    Swamp Forest Next to Mushroom Fields

    The following Minecraft seed for survival mode offers a thrilling landscape with various terrain features. It includes two separate hills, merging biomes, underwater ravines, and even a small island covered in mushroom fields. This seed is waiting for an adventurous explorer like yourself to fully utilize its potential.

    Seed Code8303052291160925864
    Spawn BiomeSwamp
    Coordinates -70, 77,254

    Classic Survival Island Minecraft Seed

    Taking a step back to the fundamentals, our next Minecraft seed leads us to the authentic survival islands. This seed generates a starting point where you find yourself beside a small cluster of trees and devoid of any hostile creatures.

    To survive, your only option is to obtain sustenance by punching fish for food or embarking on a swim towards a more habitable biome.

    Seed Code-9130788887503251562
    Spawn Biome Beach

    Scattered Mountain On Minecraft Survival Island

    This Minecraft seed provides a stunning starting point near a scattered mountain that is rich in valuable ores. Within a short amount of time, players can easily gather iron, coal, and other essential resources. When it comes to finding diamonds, players can explore the underwater ravines for a better chance.

    In terms of sustenance for their mining adventure, the mountain island is teeming with various animals like pigs, cows, and chickens. It may seem too good to be true, but there is one downside – the island only has a single tree. This means that the supply of wood and access to certain resources is limited. However, this limitation adds to the challenge and excitement of surviving on this island.

    Seed Code4849460105508581877
    Spawn BiomeBeach

    Swim to Safe Haven

    Minecraft Island Seeds often include rare and highly sought-after biomes like Mushroom fields. These biomes are particularly special because they are completely safe from hostile mobs, making them an ideal location for establishing your base. It is incredibly difficult to find a seed that spawns you near a large collection of these unique islands.

    However, our latest seed defies the odds and places you just a short distance away from a cluster of mushroom fields. The only catch is that you will initially spawn in the middle of the ocean, requiring you to swim slowly towards the safety of these islands.

    Seed Code-2470007507258488189
    Spawn BiomeOcean
    Coordinates72, 65, 104

    Land of Sand in the Ocean

    Prepare to test the limits of your patience with our latest Minecraft island seed. This particular seed will undoubtedly frustrate you as it drops you onto a desolate desert island surrounded by more of the same. Barren and devoid of any trees, structures, or mobs, you will find yourself with limited resources.

    The only provisions available are fish, sugarcane, and prickly cacti. While the fish can sustain you, progressing in this seed will prove to be a daunting task unless you embark on a long swim to other biomes, hundreds of blocks away.

    Seed Code-8344997874068592354
    Spawn BiomeDesert

    Swamp Island

    For those interested in creating a witch hut in Minecraft, this swamp island seed is highly recommended. It offers the ideal setting for a haunted swamp atmosphere, with various notable locations and abundant resources nearby.

    In close proximity, you’ll come across a visible ruined portal, numerous fossils, and mineshafts. Additionally, if you venture a little further east, you’ll stumble upon a beach teeming with buried treasures and two shipwrecks.

    Seed Code-3379903881648983323
    Spawn Biomeswamp, forest, plains

    Snowy Taiga Island

    Not all islands have to be tropical, and this next seed is a perfect example of that. This island is located in the center of a frozen river and is completely surrounded by a dense evergreen forest. But don’t let the forest deter you, as there are plenty of mineshafts and even an ocean ruin nearby. The only downside is that this taiga wilderness is quite isolated, meaning you’ll have to cross a large expanse of freezing cold ocean before reaching the nearest village.

    Seed Code4840958931951717707 
    Spawn Biomefrozen river, river, snowy taiga

    Jungle Island

    This island, located in the heart of a dense jungle, offers a unique living environment surrounded by pandas as your only neighbors. However, there isn’t much to keep you occupied on the island. There is a jungle temple nearby to explore and a few amethyst veins to discover. If you choose to venture out of the jungle, you will come across a lone village in the nearby savanna.

    Although it may be inconvenient, it adds a touch of civilization to the otherwise secluded island. If you’re searching for Minecraft island seeds, this river island in the jungle could be an interesting option to consider.

    Seed Code-2070781616296473925
    Spawn Biomeriver, jungle

    Old Birch Island

    The Minecraft island we will explore next is surrounded by a swamp and is home to various animals like pigs and horses. It is advantageous to have an abundance of animal resources on this island. What makes this swamp island interesting is the presence of a pre-made arena, which is a perfectly circular area formed naturally.

    One side of the island is covered in a regular forest, while the other side is dominated by an ancient birch forest that gives off a haunted vibe. In terms of resources, there are plentiful mineshafts in the area. Additionally, there is a witch hut and a ruined portal located not far from where you initially appear in the game.

    Seed Code-8234578679823844237
    Spawn Biomeswamp, plains, old-growth birch forest, forest

    Stony Forest Island

    It has been quite a while since we came across an island located in a frigid and unwelcoming climate. This particular island is situated in a remote area, completely surrounded by icebergs and igloos.

    In terms of resources, there are several points of interest on the island, such as a ruined portal, shipwreck, ocean ruin, and a village where you can engage in trading. While the island may not be abundant in amethyst, there are numerous other ores and resources scattered throughout the area.

    Seed Code -8190190237471333699
    Spawn Biomefrozen ocean, snowy taiga, stony shore

    Stone Jungle Island

    This Minecraft island seed is a dream come true for adventure seekers who love searching for hidden treasures. The unique island is situated in a lukewarm ocean and is surrounded by shipwrecks and ocean ruins, making it an ideal spot for those who enjoy exploring underwater. One side of the island is covered in remnants of a small jungle, adding a touch of natural beauty to the surroundings.

    On the other side, however, the terrain is harsh and inhospitable. Additionally, there is a conveniently located village in the nearby badlands biome, providing a source of supplies and potential companions.

    Seed Code2445633518958798533
    Spawn Biomestony shore, bamboo jungle, lukewarm ocean 

    Sunflower Island

    The picture displayed above showcases a spacious area of land enclosed by rivers, making it an ideal location for farming. The island is already populated with animals and features two sections of pumpkin crops and sunflowers.

    When venturing beyond the island into the vast ocean, you will encounter several shipwrecks and remains of underwater structures. Additionally, there is a nearby ocean monument for those interested in exploring the depths of the ocean. In the northern direction, there is a village and a pillager outpost waiting to be discovered.

    Seed Code-4285314951786038216
    Spawn Biomeplains, sunflower plains, river

    Badlands Island

    To add some variety, I have discovered a unique Minecraft island seed known as the Badlands island. This small island is the perfect location to construct a strong fortress, as it features foreboding jagged peaks. Additionally, there is a nearby ravine and a few amethyst geodes, making it an intriguing spot.

    If you wish to find a ruined portal, you will need to venture further west, almost reaching the edge of the badlands. Further west, you will discover civilization, mineshafts, and other valuable points of interest within the diverse forest biomes.

    Seed Code-6428060563412817975
    Spawn Biomeriver, eroded badlands 

    Cliffside Island

    This island is teeming with a variety of natural wonders, including mushrooms, waterfalls, and lavafalls. It is also encompassed by a swamp, adding to its unique and picturesque setting. In addition to its natural beauty, this island is abundant in amethyst geodes, making it even more desirable.

    However, if you’re in search of other resources or structures, you’ll need to venture elsewhere as there are only a few ravines and one ocean ruin in the vicinity. Unfortunately, there is no civilization in close proximity either, meaning you’ll have to embark on a long journey to find a nearby village.

    Seed Code5834529665988435965
    Spawn Biomedark forest, ocean, beach, swamp

    Treasure Hunter’s Island

    For those who love treasure hunting, this island is a dream come true. There’s a visible ravine and a shipwreck just waiting to be explored. And with treasure chests, ocean ruins, and more shipwrecks scattered around, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to find some hidden gems.

    If you’re in the mood for trading, head north until you reach a savanna village. You’ll have a chance to interact with villagers and potentially find some unique items to add to your collection. So grab your gear and get ready to embark on an exciting adventure.

    Seed Code-7065931185616045991
    Spawn BiomePlains, jungle, lukewarm ocean, beach, forest

    Bamboo Island

    This particular island is abundant with bamboo and is surrounded by a sparse jungle. This indicates that pandas are likely to be found nearby. However, if you choose to make this island your home, don’t expect to find a lot of resources as they are scarce in this area.

    There are only a few amethyst geodes and mineshafts available. If you wish to engage in trading, you will need to venture south towards the meadow biome. On your way to the village, be sure to visit the nearby Ancient City, which is also located to the south.

    Seed Code138880571451714774
    Spawn Biomebamboo jungle, river, beach, lukewarm ocean, sparse jungle


    If you’re looking to live out your dream of being stranded on a deserted island in the virtual world of Minecraft, you should definitely give these incredible Minecraft island seeds a try. Some of them are incredibly abundant in resources, while others will captivate you with their one-of-a-kind looks. And if being alone on an island isn’t your thing, you can take a look at our selection of the top Minecraft village seeds to get a head start.

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