How to get coins in Pokemon GO



    How to get coins in Pokemon GO

    How To Get Coins In Pokemon Go = Gamerode

    How To Get Coins In Pokemon Go = Gamerode

    In Pokemon GO, there are various activities that players can engage in, such as capturing Pokemon, battling gyms, and defeating raid bosses. To enhance their gameplay experience, players have the option to acquire items from the in-game store.

    In order to acquire items from the Pokemon GO shop, players must obtain PokeCoins. These can either be earned through gameplay or purchased with real money from the in-game store. While purchasing PokeCoins is a quicker option, not everyone is willing to spend their own money.

    Luckily, there exists a way to obtain coins in Pokemon Go without having to spend any money. In this guide, we will explore the most effective method to consistently earn free coins in the game.

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    How to get coins in Pokemon GO

    For those avid fans wondering about the ways to acquire coins in Pokémon GO, they serve as the primary currency that enables players to purchase various items and expand their Pokémon storage. These coins hold significant value and can be quite challenging to obtain.

    However, do not worry! This comprehensive guide will provide you with precise information on how you can earn coins in the highly popular game developed by Niantic.

    How to get coins in Pokemon GO with Ease

    The main way to obtain coins in Pokemon Go is through gyms. On the game map, you will notice two types of locations: Pokéstops and Gyms. Gyms are the larger ones that are usually colored yellow, blue, or red.

    Sometimes, they may appear grey and often have Raid bosses during specific Pokemon Go Raid schedules. These gyms are crucial for earning coins in Pokémon GO because it is the act of defending them that grants coins.

    Whenever you encounter a gym that matches your team’s color (Mystic for Blue, Instinct for Yellow, and Valor for Red), it is recommended to add one of your Pokémon to help defend it.

    In Pokemon Go, gyms can have a maximum of six defending Pokemon. In areas with many players, the gyms are often occupied by Pokemon from different teams. To increase your chances of earning coins, it is recommended to check and place your Pokemon in as many gyms as possible.

    If a gym is not controlled by your team, you can attack and take it over. However, defeating each Pokemon in the gym three times is necessary, unless the owners of the Pokemon feed them berries. It’s worth noting that you don’t have to battle alone. If another player defeats a Pokemon and leaves, you will only need to defeat it twice.

    To obtain Coins in Pokemon Go, you need to defeat other trainers in gym battles. Each time you defeat a trainer, their Pokemon’s health will decrease by one third. After defeating them three times, their Pokemon’s health will be reduced to zero and they will be kicked out of the gym.

    Once all the Pokemon are kicked out, you can place one of your own Pokemon to defend the gym. From that point on, you will start earning coins, although the rate of earning may be relatively slow.

    Coin Rate in Pokemon GO GYMS

    To obtain coins in Pokemon Go, you can earn them by defending gyms. The rate at which you earn coins is one per 10 minutes of defense time. This means that for every 10 minutes your Pokemon remains in a gym, you will receive one coin.

    In one hour, you can earn up to six coins. However, there is a daily limit of 50 coins that can be earned, regardless of how long your Pokemon has been defending the gym. Once your Pokemon returns to you and grants you the maximum of 50 coins, you will have to wait until the next day for your coin count to increase again.

    In addition, there is a restriction on the number of attacks a Pokemon can face in a gym. When you place your Pokemon in a gym, they cannot be immediately returned to you. By placing a Pokemon in a gym, you will always earn a certain number of coins. The duration for which your Pokemon stays in the gym is likely to be longer if it is stronger and if more teammates join you.

    If you come across a Pokemon that is being attacked or if you receive a notification that it requires a treat, it is recommended to give it a berry. This is particularly important if you have already earned coins for the day and are at risk of sending back a Pokémon with no earnings.

    Razz berries will gradually replenish the bar, while a Golden Razz berry will fully replenish it instantly. You can repeat this process indefinitely. As long as you have the necessary items, you can theoretically keep a Pokémon alive in a gym for an extended period of time.

    You can acquire Coins in Pokemon Go, which can be used to buy various items from the in-game Shop. These items include revives, Remote Raid Passes, potions, Premium Battle Passes, Pokémon Storage, Pokeballs, Item Storage, and more.

    Using Google Play credit

    One of the ways to obtain Pokecoins in Pokemon Go is by purchasing them, but this option requires spending money. However, players have the opportunity to use their Google Play credit to buy Pokecoins from the in-game shop.

    If you’re interested in acquiring free Google Play credit, we have the ideal method for you.

    What can I buy with Pokemon Go Coins?

    In Pokemon Go, Trainers have the option to purchase various supplies and exclusive items using a virtual currency called PokeCoins. If you’re wondering what these PokeCoins can unlock, take a look at the following list:

    • Boxes
    • Lucky Eggs
    • Poke Balls
    • Incense
    • Bag Upgrades
    • Pokemon Storage Upgrade
    • Egg Incubators
    • Lure Modules
    • Raid Passes
    • Poffins
    • Star Pieces
    • Max Potions
    • Max Revives

    Coins for Sale

    If you’re not satisfied with the number of coins you’re getting from gym conversions, you have the option to buy coins from the in-game store. These coins can be purchased for a certain price.

    PokeCoin AmountPrice
    100 PokeCoins$0.99
    550 PokeCoins$4.99
    1200 PokeCoins$9.99
    2500 PokeCoins$19.99
    5200 PokeCoins$39.99
    14500 PokeCoins$99.99

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