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    Can you get married in Skyrim? Yes, absolutely!

    Best Wives

    After a series of never-ending adventures, it’s natural for a Dragonborn to feel tired. That’s when the desire for a companion to come back to at the end of the day arises. If you’re ready to find a partner for a more settled life, there are numerous potential wives in the world of Skyrim.

    Choosing a spouse in Skyrim not only comes with various benefits, but some of the potential wives can even continue to be your loyal followers and assist you in battles. To assist you in making an informed decision, We have compiled a comprehensive list of the top wives available in Skyrim.

    This will provide you with all the necessary information to choose the perfect partner for your adventures.

    How To Get Married In Skyrim

    In order for players to enter into wedlock in the game Skyrim, they must have a conversation with a character named Maramal. Maramal can be located either in Riften, where he delivers a speech at the Bee and Barb upon the player’s arrival in the city, or at the Temple of Mara. By inquiring about the subject of marriage in Skyrim, players will unlock the dialogue option to pursue matrimonial relationships.

    Once players have had a conversation with Maramal, they must obtain an Amulet of Mara and wear it before approaching a potential spouse. The option to engage in marriage dialogue will only be available if the spouse has completed their personal quest, so it is important to assist them with any tasks they have yet to accomplish.

    1. Aela The Huntress

    Aela The Huntress is widely regarded as the top choice for a spouse among Skyrim players. She is a part of the Companions group and embraces her identity as a Werewolf, adhering to Hircine’s principles. Aela takes immense pride in her true self and excels in archery.

    One of the Skyrim wives who stands out for her open-mindedness towards morally questionable actions like murder and thievery is this character. To have her as a follower, the player must finish the entire Companions questline and eliminate the Silver Hand. Once these tasks are accomplished, she can be wedded and enlisted as a valuable ally.

    2. Lydia

    Lydia, one of the most beloved companions and potential spouses in Skyrim, is highly sought after by players. In the game, she is conveniently encountered during the main questline.

    After defeating their first dragon at the Western Watchtower near Whiterun and realizing their identity as the Dragonborn, players are bestowed the title of Thane by Jarl Balgruuf. This honor comes with the privilege of having Lydia as a Housecarl, a loyal follower who can also be married.

    3. Jenassa

    In the realm of Skyrim, there aren’t many companions who embody evil and ruthlessness. However, Jenassa stands out as a distinctive wife with her sadistic nature and obsession with taking lives.

    When players first encounter her, it becomes clear that she finds great pleasure in killing. Unlike most companions, she doesn’t bat an eye at the Dragonborn’s morally questionable actions, such as attacking hold guards or murdering innocent individuals.

    If that seems like something the player would be interested in, they can go to The Dunken Huntsman in Whiterun. At this location, they have the option to hire her as a follower and subsequently marry her without the need to complete any quests.

    4. Mjoll The Lioness

    If you’re searching for a spouse who values righteousness and despises corruption, Mjoll is the perfect partner for marriage in Skyrim. She is known for her noble actions and has a strong aversion towards the Thieves’ Guild and the Black-Briar family. Players can typically find her at the Bee and Barb Inn in Riften.

    To wed her in the game, players must first find her special sword, Grimsever, which has gone missing in the Dwarven ruin of Mzinchaleft.

    However, before she will give players this quest, they must be at least level 14 and earn her trust by either acknowledging the evil nature of the Thieves’ Guild or assisting the residents of Riften with different tasks. Once the sword is retrieved and returned to her, players can then proceed to marry her.

    5. Muiri

    Muiri has been deeply hurt by the betrayal of her former friend and lover, Alain Dufont, and she desires nothing more than to see him dead. Upon joining the Dark Brotherhood, Astrid assigns the player the quest Mourning Never Comes, which leads them to Markarth.

    Here, Muiri, who is currently working as an apprentice alchemist, approaches the Dragonborn and pleads for Alain’s assassination. However, if the player also eliminates Alain’s accomplice, Nilsine, Muiri will not only offer her ring as a bonus reward but also become a potential spouse in Skyrim.

    6. Uthgerd the Unbroken

    If you’re a beginner in Skyrim, having Uthgerd as a companion can be incredibly helpful. You’ll be able to locate her at the Bannered Mare inn in the city of Whiterun.

    However, there is a challenging aspect to this situation. In order to have the opportunity to marry Uthgerd, you must defeat her in a physical fight. If you have reached a sufficiently high level, this task should be relatively simple to accomplish.

    Once you successfully marry her, she will provide you with a generous daily allowance of 100 gold coins.

    7. Borgakh the Steel Heart

    For players seeking a fulfilling marriage in Skyrim, choosing Borgakh the Steel Heart as a spouse offers numerous advantages. Located in the orc stronghold of Mor Khazgur, Borgakh, despite her intimidating appearance, proves to be the ideal companion.

    By choosing to wed her, you will unlock a plethora of advantages. One of them includes the opportunity to reside in Borgakh’s house within the stronghold of Skyrim. This grants you convenient access to various merchants and trainers for your needs.

    In addition, you can ensure your safety and protection whenever you are in Skyrim. If you have a strong desire to marry Borgakh, simply enlist her as your follower. By wearing the Amulet of Mara, you will unlock the option to marry her, making her one of the easiest wives to pursue.

    8. Njada Stonearm

    If you’re looking to enhance your combat abilities, consider Njada Stonearm as your ideal spouse in Skyrim. Despite not having her own dwelling, Njada possesses remarkable fighting skills and will guide you in honing your own.

    With Njada’s guidance, you will acquire the necessary skills to effectively block in combat. It is important to note that Njada is a member of the Companions and can be located at Jorrvaskr in Whiterun. Upon successfully completing the Glory of the Dead quest, you will have the opportunity to marry her.

    9. Brelyna Maryon

    Brelyna Maryon is a talented mystic who is currently undergoing training at the College of Winterhold. Not only can she be enlisted as a loyal follower, but she is also open to the possibility of becoming a spouse. Brelyna is a formidable companion in battle, delivering substantial damage to adversaries, and possesses an uncanny ability to withstand fatal attacks.

    Brelyna is an excellent choice for players who are starting their adventure in Skyrim and require immediate assistance. To make Brelyna your wife, you need to complete a quest called “Brelyna’s Practice” and wear the Amulet of Mara.

    Upon completing the quest, if you are wearing the amulet, Brelyna will bring up the topic of marriage. Once married, you can share a room with Brelyna at the College of Winterhold, making it a cozy arrangement to be settled in a college so easily.

    10. Camilla Valerius

    In the town of Riverwood, Camilla, a popular Imperial trader, is highly sought after by two men, Faendal and Sven. They are constantly arguing over who is more deserving of her affection. Even after the Dragonborn marries Camilla, Faendal continues to visit her.

    However, if the player still has feelings for Camilla, they can travel to Riverwood and assist her brother Lucan in retrieving the golden claw from Bleak Falls Barrow.

    After completing their mission, players have the option to request the woman to marry them. It is convenient that if the player does not have a house, they can reside with her at the shop located in Riverwood.

    11. Shahvee

    For those who have always fantasized about encountering an Argonian female character in the game Skyrim, Shahvee is an excellent choice. Located near the Windhelm Docks, she can often be found working at a tanning rack.

    Players can easily approach her and receive a quest. Shahvee’s amulet has unfortunately been stolen by bandits and is currently being kept in a random location, which players will need to discover during the quest.

    Once the bandits have been defeated and the Amulet of Zenithar has been retrieved, Shahvee becomes available for marriage. Additionally, she kindly offers the Dragonborn some training in Light Armor and Lockpicking, should they be interested in learning.

    12. Taarie

    In the game Skyrim, Taarie undergoes a transformation in her personality after getting married. Although she may not be known for having the most pleasant demeanor, she becomes more affectionate and kind towards the player.

    Taarie can be found working as a tailor at Radiant Raiment in Solitude. To have a chance at marrying this Altmer woman, players must assist her in completing the Fit For A Jarl quest.

    In Skyrim, Taarie, a character in the game, will request the player to wear an outfit from her shop called Radiant Raiment when visiting the Blue Palace. Her intention is to convince Jarl Elisif, another character, to place an order for outfits from her store.

    One advantage of marrying Taarie is that if the player does not own a house in the game, they can use Radiant Raiment as a temporary home.

    13. Iona

    One of the standout Housecarls in Skyrim is Iona, who boasts a slightly higher health pool compared to her counterparts.

    As a loyal servant, she is appointed to the Dragonborn once they achieve the prestigious title of Thane of Riften. If you’re looking for Iona, you can find her at the Honeyside housing in Riften.

    14. Rayya

    Finding a Redguard spouse in Skyrim can be challenging, but Rayya stands out as a remarkable character. After the player achieves Thane status in Falkreath, Rayya becomes their Housecarl.

    As a Housecarl, she possesses a diverse set of skills and abilities, with a particular expertise in One-Handed combat and Heavy Armor.

    In order to become the Thane of Falkreath in Skyrim, players need to have a conversation with the Jarl of Falkreath and complete three quests by assisting the residents of the city. This particular Thane title is relatively easy to obtain as Falkreath is a small city.

    Rayya is a great choice for a follower and potential spouse, especially for players who are looking for a strong and durable companion. Additionally, Rayya is an essential character, ensuring that she cannot be permanently killed unless the player delivers the final blow.

    15. Senna

    Senna, a resident of Markarth, is a devoted priestess who serves at the Temple of Dibella. As a Breton, she dedicates most of her time to her religious duties in the southwestern city. However, during the Sanguine Daedric quest called “A Night to Remember,” the Dragonborn awakens to find Senna irritated by their drunken antics.

    In order to wed Senna in Skyrim, players need to first finish the quest called “The Heart of Dibella.” They can do this by either choosing a door at the temple or by talking to Degaine, a resident of Markarth who is known for his drinking habits. However, it’s important to note that Senna cannot be recruited as a follower.

    16. Sylgja

    Sylgja, a Nord miner from a modest upbringing, resides in the quaint mining village of Shor’s Stone. Located in the Rift, north of Riften city, she spends her days toiling away at the nearby Redbelly Mine. When not in town, Sylgja can usually be found immersed in her work.

    In order for players to marry Sylgja in the game Skyrim, they must deliver a satchel of letters to her family in a small settlement called Darkwater Crossing. This settlement is situated northwest of Shor’s Stone.

    Once the quest is successfully completed, players can marry Sylgja and will also receive a random necklace as a reward. However, it’s important to note that Sylgja cannot be recruited as a follower.

    17. Ysolda

    In the game Skyrim, you can easily find Ysolda, a Nord trader, in the city of Whiterun. Ysolda is often seen in the marketplace, where she conducts her business. Additionally, she may request the Dragonborn to retrieve a Mammoth tusk as a favor, offering Speech training in return.

    In the game Skyrim, players have the opportunity to marry Ysolda after presenting her with a Mammoth tusk. Ysolda’s involvement in other quests is limited and mostly random, although she does play a role in a small side quest centered around Sleeping Tree Sap.

    It’s worth noting that Ysolda is not a skilled adventurer, so she may not be the most helpful spouse in terms of embarking on thrilling adventures.

    18. Ria

    For those who admire strong and courageous women, Ria is the ideal choice. As a member of the Companions, she can be found at their headquarters, Jorrvaskr, located in Whiterun.

    Those in search of a skilled warrior as a companion will be delighted to know that Ria possesses exceptional fighting abilities. Although she doesn’t have her own home, marrying her still offers certain benefits, even if you won’t receive a place to live.

    19. Jordis the Sword-Maiden

    In the game Skyrim, you have the opportunity to have Jordis the Sword-Maiden as your follower, housecarl, and even wife. To achieve this, you must undertake a series of quests in the city of Solitude.

    Jordis is a skilled Nord warrior who excels in wielding one-handed weapons and is also proficient in archery. However, acquiring Jordis requires some effort, as you must complete five quests within Solitude and fulfill a personal request from Jarl Elisif.

    In order to marry Jordis, one of the potential wives in Skyrim, you must first purchase Proudspire Manor. Only after meeting certain requirements can the Dragonborn propose to her. Once married, Jordis will establish her own shop. It’s important to note that if you agree to move into her house, she will still wait for you at your original residence.

    20. Dravynea the Stoneweaver

    Although Dravynea the Stoneweaver may not be considered the most attractive spouse in Skyrim, she possesses exceptional skills in aiding those who require assistance. This Dunmer mage can be found working diligently in the Steamscorch Mine situated in the region of Kynesgrove, Eastmarch.

    Dravynea’s main responsibility is to ensure the safety of the miners and prevent accidents from occurring. Additionally, she is a highly skilled trainer in the art of alteration. In order for a Dragonborn to consider marrying her, they must first complete a simple quest assigned by Dravynea.

    This quest involves obtaining Frost Salts for her. Overall, it is a relatively easy task. It should be noted that Dravynea will not become a follower or participate in any battles once married. However, she will open a shop where players can purchase and sell various items.

    21. Aeri

    Aeri, a resilient Nord woman, has taken over her deceased father’s mill as a lumberjack. However, along with the mill, she has also inherited his financial obligations, leading her to work tirelessly in order to repay the debt.

    In The Pale, you can locate Aeri who offers two straightforward tasks for you to accomplish. Upon finishing these quests, Aeri becomes an eligible option for marriage. Marrying Aeri comes with added advantages, including the privilege of obtaining free wood as she covers the expenses.

    22. Avrusa Sarethi

    When you’re in The Rift, make sure to visit Sarethi Farm, where you’ll come across Avrusa Sarethi, a Dunmer apothecary residing in this peaceful countryside with her sister. Avrusa’s unique charm and entertaining conversations set her apart as a potential wife.

    She even presents you with a quest called Smooth Jazbay, which you must successfully complete in order to marry her. Remember, don’t forget to have the Amulet of Mara ready for your sacred union.

    23. Orla

    Orla, a stunning and enigmatic woman, is a devoted priestess of Dibella, the deity of love in Skyrim. Her daily routine revolves around attending to various tasks within the Temple of Dibella.

    If you are interested in pursuing a relationship with Orla and making her your spouse, you must undertake a quest known as The Heart of Dibella. As with any decision in Skyrim, there are both pros and cons to marrying Orla.

    After getting married to Orla in Skyrim, she will offer you a daily source of income. However, it is important to note that she will not leave the temple, regardless of whether you have your own home or not. As a result, you will not experience the benefits of Lover’s Comfort when you sleep near her, which can be disappointing.

    24. Gilfre

    If you’re searching for a partner in Skyrim who excels at managing the household, Gilfre is the ideal candidate. As a skilled lumberjack and an Imperial lady, she will have a fondness for the Dragonborn after they agree to help her by chopping wood for her quest.

    If you want to locate her, you should go to the Mixwater Mill. This mill is situated south of Windhelm and can be accessed by following the river that passes through Eastmarch and leads to the Rift. Don’t forget to bring a woodcutter’s axe with you so that you can chop some wood and sell it to her as part of her quest.

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